52 Blocks WARM-UP

Warm-up prior to a 52 Blocks workout is essential to avoid injuries and may be the first element you learn in any given lesson. How long should a warm-up last and what should it include? If the classes are short (45 minutes or less), you may want to arrive 10 minutes before start time and engage in some light stretching or shadow boxing on your own. The benefit of warming up on your own is that all class time can be used for learning. The drawback is that many students don’t know how to warm up properly.

A warm-up conducted in unison and led by your instructor can serve as a great motivator. The time immediately following the warm up can be used constructively to review the last lesson or talk about what the current lesson is to cover. The time allotted to warm-up should be proportional to the lesson. The instructor should remember that students pay for instruction, not for exercises they can do by themselves on their own time.

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