On the 12th of August Sukonesongchai promotions held an 8 man S1 tournament in honour of the Queen of Thailand’s birthday. Up for grabs was the

S1 championship belt and a 500,000 baht cash prize.

Steve Wakeling (England) vs Sergei Makogonov (Russia) The fight started with Steve looking to keep it neat and move around picking off Sergei with roundkicks. Sergei had other ideas though and came in on the offensive throwing hard punches and elbows. Steve kept up his strategy in the second round of fighting, a more technical battle, while Sergei continued coming forward looking to blast in power shots. The final round saw Sergei’s previous exertions catch up with him as he seemed to run out of gas. Steve had a big round, scoring well with knees and dominating the ring. Steve Wakeling winner on points.

Somchai Chinlom (Thai) vs Arslan Magomedov (Russia) Both fighters start the opening round a little tentative at first, looking to score with punches and Arslan opening up with elbows. Somchai with a lot of amateur boxing experience shows very good boxing skills. Both fighters up the pace in round 2. Somchai looking to punch and Arslan looking to elbow. Arslan throws Somchai to the canvas 3 times after catching his kicks and also out of the clinch. Somchai starts to work Arslan’s legs with low kicks. Both fighters exchange a flurry of punches and elbows. Somchai comes forward in the final round but Arslan again dumps him to the canvas after catching his kick. Somchai changes tactics and tries to lock his arms around Arslan’s waist, but Arslan drives down with elbows to Somchai’s head, opening up a cut that starts blood streaming down Somchai’s face. Arslan goes on the defensive now and moves around the ring well, jabbing and push kicking. Arslan Magodemov winner on points Sean Wright (Scotland) vs Jan Mazur (Slovakia)

It’s a fairly even first round with Sean punching and low kicking. Sean is showing good movement and making it a little difficult for Jan to get his shots off. Jan scores well on the counter though and lands with some good body kicks and punches. In the 2nd round Sean comes out again throwing punches and showing good head movement, making Jan miss with his own punches. Jan again scores with good kicks to the body and lands well with knees in the clinch. The 3rd round starts with both fighters exchanging roundkicks to the body. Jan is a little bit busier though and lands with more kicks off both legs. Sean opens up with elbows opening up two cuts on Jans face. Sean keeps coming forward but doesn’t open up enough and allows Jan to keep picking off with roundkicks. Jan Mazur winner on points

Changthai Thailand gym (Thai) vs Alex Dally (England) Changthai was former Sukonesongchai superstar who fought under the name Pairot Wor Walaphon, feared for his lightning fast, hard round-kick. He had been inactive for some time though and working as a trainer before this chance came up.

Both fighters took their time to get going. All of a sudden Changthai unleashed a furious left kick that had the partisan home crowd roaring their approval. Alex tried pushing forward to take the fight to Changthai but Changthai covered up well and picked Alex off with


Changthai Thailand gym vs Steve Wakeling The final fight now had the young up and coming star from England vs the legendary Muaythai warrior from Thailand. Steve wasted no time in the first round, taking the fight to Changthai and not allowing him much space to get off with his powerful kicks. Steve opened up with punch combos and then threw Changthai into the ropes after catching one of his kicks. Steve fires in elbows too one of which buckled the legs of Changthai briefly. Changthai weathers the storm though and starts to come back with big roundkicks to Steve’s body. In round 2 Changthai switches tactics and comes forward throwing hard punches of his own, rocking Steve’s head back with a looping punch over the top. Both fighters mix it more beautifully timed kicks. Alex kept pushing forward in round two but again Changthai was catching him with perfectly timed kicks. Half way through the round Alex dropped down a little in his stance as Changthai was throwing a hard low kick and the shot hit Alex in the groin. Alex dropped to the canvas in pain and the ref proceeded to give him a count. Changthai slows up the pace now knowing the count has put him a long way in front. In the final round Changthai moves around the ring with a confident air, switching from Southpaw to orthodox, where he keeps Alex at bay with a sharp jab and back to southpaw to unleash more of his hard, fast, perfectly timed roundkicks. Changthai Thailand gym winner on points, SEMI-FINALS

Steve Wakeling vs Arslan Magomedov Arslan comes forward in round 1 looking to punch. Steve moves around the ring well though and picks off Arslan with sharp roundkicks. Arslan has trouble getting through with anything solid. Round 2 sees more of the same with Steve moving well and scoring with body kicks and Arslan moving forward looking to punch. Arslan hardly throws any kicks aside from a few low kicks of the front foot to the inside of Steve’s left leg.

Arslan comes forward in rd3 looking to take the fight into the clinch and gets a little success with his knees. Both open up with good elbows, from one of which Steve opens up a cut on Arslan’s head. Arslan keeps pushing forward but doesn’t throw enough to turn around the fight. Steve

Wakeling winner on points.

Changthai Thailand gym vs Jan Mazur Jan comes into this fight sporting two cuts from the previous round. He starts the fight looking a little tentative, throwing out shots with little venom behind them. Changthai opens up with his big round kick to the crowd’s delight and also starts to throw some elbows and low kicks.

Changthai takes Jan’s legs from under him in round 3 and goes to work with low kicks sensing his opponent is hurt. Changthai drops Jan with a hard, vicious low kick and the ref gives Jan an 8 count. Changthai opens up again and drops Jan briefly but there is no count this time.

Changthai again knows the count has put him well in front and cruises the rest of the fight, putting on a show for the cheering home crowd and saving some energy for the final battle. Changthai Thailand gym winner on points up with elbows. Changthai spins Steve round in the clinch and lands with a big knee and raises his arms in the air, playing to the home crowd.

Changthai lands with some more big kicks, but starts to look tired as Steve comes forward and lands with long knees. It’s any ones fight still, as it moves into the final round and both fighters go straight into the clinch. Steve gets off with some elbows, but they are in too close to do any damage. Steve has his palms across the face of Changthai in the clinch. Changthai backs off and Steve pulls his hands away, at the same time Steve drives up a long knee and Changthai’s head moves forward and straight on to the knee. Changthai drops to the canvas out cold and

Steve starts to celebrate knowing he is 500,000 baht better off and has made a big name for himself in the home of Muaythai.

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