AMA is the largest Martial Arts Organisation in the British Isles. It is the Governing Body for over 3,000 Clubs and 90,000 members. Most of these have been with us for our 29 years.

Join the AMA now and get the best National and International recognition, the best access to courses and competitions, national and worldwide.

Over 29 years experience of growth.

DAN GRADES B CERTIFICATES VALIDATION All GRADES BEST INSURANCE AND I MEAN BEST! AMA is affiliated to:- EKGB English Karate (WUKO, WKF/Olympics). WCJJO World Council Ju-Jitsu JJIF Ju-jitsu Internat. Feds (World Games) WTF/ITF Taekwondo. ICKF Internat. Ch Kuoshu Fed. WAKO World Assoc. Kickboxing 81 Countries. WKEA World Kali Escrima. World Poncak. Sple Mandate GB Whatever the size or style of your group or club, you are welcome in the AMA. We are here to serve you.

For an information PACK without obligation call us on Tel: 07973 507716 or

Fax: 01332 280286 or


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