TURTLE PRESS new directions in martial arts in Jung Kwan Hapkido Martial Arts DVDs High IMPACT Hard HITTING

Expert Hapkido Instruction!

Lis comprehensive instructional /D series was filmed on location Korea. Grandmaster Myung ing Kim, founder of Hapkido Jin ing Kwan, and

Grandmaster lang Soo Lee, head of Hapkido I Jung Kwan and some of their p instructors in Korea, personally ach you hundreds of hapkido chniques to create a complete ilf-defense system. Learn directly )im the headmaster, founder and ternational demonstration team embers of this dynamic

Korean t. lapkido Essentials ;arn the kicks, strikes and blocks Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido. >min. DVD-HKD5 $39.95 lapkido Self-defense 1 jcking, takedown and throwing jfenses versus empty hand attacks. 5 min. DVD-HKD6 $39.95 lapkido Self-defense 2 round and weapon defenses. I min DVD-HKD7 $39.95 !003 Jin Jung Kwan lapkido Championship

See Korean hapkido students compete in self-defense, sparring & falling. Includes a demo by the national demonstration team. 74 min. DVD-HKD8 $29.95




Beginner Taekwondo by Sang H. Kim Master Sang H. Kim takes the new student step by step through the essential information that all beginning taekwondo students should know. 40 min.

DVD-TKD35 $19.95

Police Safety/Survival by Mark Wyler & Eric Murray Veteran law enforcement officers and training instructors teach the finer points of defusing potentially lethal situations with verbal, empty hand and weapons techniques.. 70 min. DVD-PT4 $29.95 Arrest and Control by Keith Livingston Veteran law enforcement officer Keith Livingston teaches the keys to controlling a suspect during the arrest process, with a focus on subduing noncompliant subjects. 45 min. DVD-PT6 $29.95

Top 100 Scoring DVD by Sang H. Kim To win in taekwondo competition, you need a scoring strategy. Sang H. Kim has analyzed years of competition footage to bring you the Top 100 Scoring Techniques used by elite level competitors. 90 min. DVD-TKD32 $39.95 Taegeuk Poomse DVD by Sang H. Kim The complete set of 8 taegeuk poomse for home practice, testing and competition up to 1st dan black belt. Includes front and side views, expert practice & performance tips. 72 min. DVD-TKD31 $29.95 Complete Kicking DVD by Sang H. Kim Learn the complete system of taekwondo kicks from white belt to black belt and beyond. Jump right to the set of kicks you want to work on without fast forwarding or rewinding. 90 min. DVD-TKD40 $39.95

Nunchaku DVD by Young Kit Song Master Song starts you off with the basic nunchaku grip and blocking techniques then quickly puts you on the road to mastering the devastating striking power of the nunchaku. 70 min DVD-NK1 $29.95

Ki: Science of Energy DVD by Sang-Won Lee This DVD explores ki development through the Korean training method of GiCheon. GiCheon increases flexibility in the joints to unblock the circulation of ki and uses dynamic tension to enhance breathing. 70 min DVD-KI $29.95

Jujitsu 1 DVD by James Kodzis Instructor James Kodzis teaches a mix of modern and traditional jujitsu. Learn the fundamental stand-up and grappling skills of jujitsu plus the essentials of stance, movement and breakfalling. 85 min. DVD-JJ1 $29.95

Wrist & Arresting Locks by Sang H. Kim The ultimate in subdue and control locks, Wrist & Arresting Locks gives you total control over your attacker without causing permanent damage. An excellent reference for law enforcement officers. 90 min DVD-JSD21 $39.95

Ultimate Fitness DVD by Sang H. Kim Bring variety to your workout no matter what art you practice with over 100 drills, exercises and training methods. Discover the most effective excercises, how to train for maximum results & dozens of tips. DVD-UFS $39.95 Tang Soo Do Forms DVDs by Young Kit Song Learn the 9 Tang Soo Do forms required for all belts up to 1st degree black belt. 50 min DVD-TSD1 $29.95 Also available:

Black Belt Forms Learn the 8 Tang Soo Do Black Belt forms required for testing up to 5th degree. 60 min. DVD-TSD2 $29.95

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