The Traditional Martial Art of Korea Never before has such a concise, yet comprehensive, book been written on the traditional martial art of Tang Soo Do. This original Korean martial art has taken over 2000 years to become popular worldwide. The illustrations, as well as the descriptions and infor-mational presentations, are exciting and of the best quality available. Traditional Tang Soo Do practice improves health and physical fitness due to its strong emphasis on maximizing I believe that Authentic Tang Soo Do by Chun Sik Kim…Will not only strengthen the traditional teachings of Korean martial arts but will preserve the heritage and philosophy of the martial arts society. I would like the entire martial arts community to join with me as I offer my personal thanks and congratulations to Grandmaster Chun Sik Kim. Grandmaslcr S. Henry Cho, President World Council I of Martial Arts. Inc As an instructor of traditional martial arts. I was very impressed with this publication. It will insure that the purity and high standards of this martial art are preserved. Authentic Tang Soo Do by Chun Sik Kim is a comprehensive and concise manual which is written by today’s leading authority in the instruction of Korean Tang Soo Do. Congratulations and thank you, Grandmaster Kim, for this fine publication. Grandmaster Kyong Won Ahn, Former President United States Tac the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Continued practice assists in the development of improved muscle strength and visible differences in muscle tone.

Training in a traditional manner will start the student on a path to developing strongly defined, positive character traits. The demands of traditional Tang Soo Do are such that each practitioner will learn the importance of the personal qualities of respect, discipline and self- esteem. As the student grows, he will achieve even beyond his own expectations. A sense of confidence and success will be evident surrounding all the activities and events in which he is involved.

Certainly it is the path of self-improvement that attracts many people to this traditional martial art. Practicing traditional Tang Soo Do will give students qualities that will benefit them throughout their lifetime to succeed in our increasingly complex society.

Learn about authentic Tang Soo Do from an internationally renowned and respected authority, Grandmaster Chun Sik Kim. Grandmaster Kim is known for his dynamic technique as well as his extraordinary knowledge of Tang Soo Do. This book will make it possible for you to benefit from his teachings and instruction.

A black belt at age 10, Grandmaster Chun Sik Kim eventually became an instructor of his Art. He enlisted in the Korean military and was appointed head instructor of its military police. As he continued his career. Master Kim distinguished himself and his skills.

Today he heads the International Tang Soo Do Federation with schools throughout the United States, England, Panama, Puerto Rico, Belgium,

Wales, and in his native Korea. The Federation has over 1,000 black belts and over 20,000 members worldwide. Two-time Korean Tang Soo Do Champion Former Chief Instructor, Osan Air Force Base Korean Team Captain, 5th Asian Karate Championships 1970 Undefeated World Champion Karate Hall of Fame Member Former Chairman, U.S. Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation U.S. Team Coach at First World Championship Featured in, Black Belt Magazine, Karate Illustrated, Traditional Tang Soo Do Illustrated, Tae Kwon Do Times and others.


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