WINDY UK SPOT MITTS Windy are known the world over for the quality of their products and now Windy UK are ensuring that we can get hold of them easier and quicker than before! Assembly

None needed. Yay!


These are business-like and very retro. White spot, on a black background with black/tan leather hand inserts and surrounds these standout because they aren’t red, blue or any of the others colours around.


The padding on these is excellent. It feels somewhat like slipping your hand into a pillow. The curvature on the glove is great as it reduces the strain caused by having to grip straighter pads and feels very comfortable to hit.

One interesting design facet is that there is no wrist support for the pad. You literally just slip your hand inside. This is good for the reason that changeover time is limited to a minimum and there are no buckles to catch or Velcro to chafe but it does mean that the heavy hitters may well remove this pads from your hands.

The one drawback that we had was to do with the size of actual mitt. Those with larger hands may well find it hard to keep the mitts on when training with a hard hitter. This was the only drawback we could find however.

It’s actually a pleasure to hold these pads. Whether your partner is hitting barehanded or using gloves makes no difference, they just soak the punishment up.

Build Quality

Superb. 100% leather that has been finished to a high degree. No loose stitching or rough edges to rub or chafe either inside the actual mitt or around the striking area. These mitts are made to be punched and elbowed and have been made very well.

Price £46.99 – If you want quality then these are the pads to buy and I feel that the price is more than reasonable. There are plenty of cheaper options out there but bear in mind that you get what you pay for. This is designed to last and will save you money in the long run.

So, to be brutally honest what Windy Spot mitts score? All ratings are out of 20 giving a max total of 100.

Criteria Score

Ease of assembly 20

Appearance 15

Build quality 19

Usability 20

Price 20

Total 94


None needed. Yay!

Very retro.

Stick it on hit it. Soaks up the punishment and fits like a glove.

Superb. Haven’t seen better.

Want cheap? Don’t buy these? Want quality? What more can you ask for in a pad? Great piece of kit FIGHTING LEGENDS

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