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Lennox Lewis

World Heavyweight Champion What Lennox Lewis dismissed as a ‘lucky punch’ by Hasim Rahman could have had catastrophic consequences for the man from West Ham. The problem certainly wasn’t financial. Lewis had already earned more than £60 million, making him Britain’s highest paid sportsmen. But in his mid-3 0s, Lewis knew that he was one… Continue Reading

Hasim Rahman

World Heavyweight Champion: 2001 When it was announced that Lennox Lewis would open his 2001 campaign by fighting Hasim Rahman, most people’s response was: Hasim who? Rahman was no household name, not even among boxing aficianados. The most prepossessing thing about this Baltimore heavyweight was his nickname: ‘The Rock’. His ring record wasn’t quite so… Continue Reading

Lennox Lewis

World Heavyweight Champion: 1999-2001 While Frank Bruno was going down bravely in five rounds to Mike Tyson in 1989, 23-year-old Lennox Lewis was preparing to make his professional debut. Lewis had won Olympic gold in the super-heavyweight division in Seoul the previous year, and was marked out as the rising star of the British heavyweight… Continue Reading

Evander Holyfield 3

World Heavyweight Champion: 1996-1999 Having won and lost the title twice, 32-year-old Evander Holyfield could have walked away from boxing with his head held high and a telephone-number bank balance. Indeed, that is what he seemed to have decided, announcing his retirement shortly after the defeat by Michael Moorer. But a year later, he was… Continue Reading

George Foreman

World Heavyweight Champion: 1994 In November 1994, George Foreman entered the champions’ hall of fame for the second time. Others had managed that feat. Ali had won the title three times, and Holyfield would go on to do so too. But Foreman’s two entries in the record books stand twenty years apart, a unique achievement… Continue Reading

Michael Moorer

Heavyweight Champion: 1994 Many boxers have made the step up from light-heavyweight, seeking the greater honours and bigger purses on offer in the heavyweight division. Michael Moorer did that, but he went one better: he also relinquished titles with one of the minor boxing organisations so that he could embark on the glory trail with… Continue Reading

Evander Holyfleld 2

World Heavyweight Champion: 1992-1993 1995-1997 Many boxing fans would have noted Evander Holyfield’s defeat by Riddick Bowe in November 1992 with an air of smug satisfaction. Here was a pumped-up cruiserweight whose rise to the top had been carefully orchestrated. His schooling had even included sessions with a 70-year-old ballet teacher, brought in to help… Continue Reading

Riddick Bowe

World Heavyweight Champion: 1992-1993 1995-1997 Not for nothing was Riddick Bowe called ‘Big Daddy’. While undisputed champion Evander Holyfield was scientifically pumping himself up from the 1901b cruiserweight limit to turn himself into a 2101b heavyweight, Bowe was regularly tipping the scales at around the 2401b mark. He was also a dangerous opponent. He had… Continue Reading

Evander Holyfield

World Heavyweight Champion: 1990-92 1993-94 1997-99 2000-01 Boxing history is littered with fighters from lower divisions attempting to step up and take the ultimate prize. The greater glory has been one motivating force; the huge purses up for grabs at the sport’s top table is the other. Evander Holyfield is one of an elite group… Continue Reading

James Douglas

World Heavyweight Champion: 1990 Every dog has its day, every person gets his or her 15 minutes in the spotlight, etc etc. Such sayings might have been conceived with James ‘Buster’ Douglas in mind. He was a work-a-day heavyweight who did little prior to February 11, 1990, and not much after it. But on that… Continue Reading

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