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MMA Attacking Strategies in Back Position

MMA Attacking Strategies in Back Position

Properly implementing the back position results in probably the most dominating situations in Mixed martial arts because there is very little the adversary can carry out in defence. The opponent will consequently attempt everything never to be trapped in this manner. Turtle to back position The mma fighter initially secures the turtle position by lowering… Continue Reading

MMA Fighting Techniques – Throws

MMA Fighting Techniques – Throws

Throws are integral to MMA and are used in a variety of ways. Simplicity is the key as the opponent may strike, clinch or perform a takedown at any time. UNDER HOOK THROW With this throw the fighter applies an under hook with one hand and holds the opponent’s wrist with the other. The fighter… Continue Reading

A Progression Drill Program for Wrestling

We are faced with the same problem that many wrestling coaches throughout the country have: a turnout of inexperienced, but eager wrestling hopefuls. We have to turn each boy’s potential talent into actual talent. And we have to do it fast. Our approach to this problem has been to devise a system whereby we can… Continue Reading

Conditioning and Isometric Drills for Wrestling and MMA

We begin our season by a strict use of the conditioning drills, coordinated with skill learning achievement (skill learning achievement refers to the teaching of basic wrestling moves). We use the “buddy system,” boys pair off according to size—then we use variations of isometric training, concentrating on the neck, groin, and hands. Heading: This is… Continue Reading

Chain Wrestling Drills

Wrestling Videos on Flowrestling We believe that a wrestler, to be effective, must master a few fundamental moves in a chain or series. Thus, we employ five elementary drills that teach wrestlers the basic series in fundamental wrestling. NOTE: Because of the large turnout and limited wrestling room space, we consolidated and carefully selected each… Continue Reading

Developing a Strong Grip in Wrestling and MMA

The strength of a fighter’s grip is probably one of the most often overlooked areas in MMA and wrestling. Most coaches have their wrestlers do fingertip push-ups in addition to their normal wrestling, and that’s about it for grip-strength work. The strength of a wrestler’s grip is very important, and use the following program to… Continue Reading

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