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Bone Health Problems and Exercise

Osteoporosis The diagnosis of osteoporosis is usually made when a bone scan using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry results in a ‘T score’ of 2.5 or more below normal values, when a bone fracture occurs with minimal impact, or there are several risk factors. Diagnoses based on Ultrasound need to be confirmed with DXA. A diagnosis of’osteopenia’,… Continue Reading

Bone Strengthening Activities

This section contains physical activities for increasing bone strength that you can include in your daily life, both inside and outside of the home. They are weight-bearing activities, which means that you are on your legs and your skeleton is supporting the weight of your body. While these exercises are beneficial for your hips and… Continue Reading

Circulation, mobility and stretching exercises

The circulation, mobility and stretching exercises here are essential preparation for the main programme. These gentle, rhythmic movements, mobilisers and held stretches get your muscles, joints and reflexes awake, loosened up, warm and ready for action. Stretching is especially important if you have been sitting for a while as your muscles may have become slightly… Continue Reading

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis has been recognized as a problem, deserving of research attention and medical treatment, since about 1980. One in three women develop osteoporosis or ‘brittle bone’ disease. This means that bones break easily because the skeleton has become fragile. Age-related osteoporosis is caused by gradual loss of bone mineral; this is a normal process, and… Continue Reading

Lennox Lewis

World Heavyweight Champion What Lennox Lewis dismissed as a ‘lucky punch’ by Hasim Rahman could have had catastrophic consequences for the man from West Ham. The problem certainly wasn’t financial. Lewis had already earned more than £60 million, making him Britain’s highest paid sportsmen. But in his mid-3 0s, Lewis knew that he was one… Continue Reading

Hasim Rahman

World Heavyweight Champion: 2001 When it was announced that Lennox Lewis would open his 2001 campaign by fighting Hasim Rahman, most people’s response was: Hasim who? Rahman was no household name, not even among boxing aficianados. The most prepossessing thing about this Baltimore heavyweight was his nickname: ‘The Rock’. His ring record wasn’t quite so… Continue Reading

Lennox Lewis

World Heavyweight Champion: 1999-2001 While Frank Bruno was going down bravely in five rounds to Mike Tyson in 1989, 23-year-old Lennox Lewis was preparing to make his professional debut. Lewis had won Olympic gold in the super-heavyweight division in Seoul the previous year, and was marked out as the rising star of the British heavyweight… Continue Reading

Evander Holyfield 3

World Heavyweight Champion: 1996-1999 Having won and lost the title twice, 32-year-old Evander Holyfield could have walked away from boxing with his head held high and a telephone-number bank balance. Indeed, that is what he seemed to have decided, announcing his retirement shortly after the defeat by Michael Moorer. But a year later, he was… Continue Reading

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