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Martial Arts Are Much More Than Fighting

Traditional martial arts require that fighters abide by a set of rules while fighting. For example, you may only be allowed to fight standing up, striking certain body parts is not permitted. But mixed martial arts allow fighters to use many different strategies to tackle their opponents. The techniques allowed in mixed martial arts competitions can be dived in to two categories: grappling techniques (pinning holds, clinch holds, takedowns, sweeps, throws, and submission holds) or striking techniques (knees, punches, and kicks). Continue Reading

Studying The Martial Arts Forms Country By Country

When we consider the best martial arts forms we are considering those martial arts kata that give the most benefit to the student. I usually recommend learning as many patterns and arts as possible, then working on the ones that the student prefers, although there can be oddities in this method. I also hold that one should learn entire arts, first taekwondo, then karate, then kung fu. Continue Reading

Getting A Martial Arts Black Belt In Two Years Or Less

Eight forms is all that is really necessary to earn a Martial Arts Black Belt, and this is in karate, or taekwondo, or kenpo, or even the many shaolin systems and other fighting arts. Of course the kata must be of the correct kind to be effective. A good example of this is found in Karate, which descended from Kung Fu, and from which developed both Kenpo and Taekwondo. Continue Reading

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