Choi Kwang Do The Martial Art for Life!

In a scientific study by Duke University Medical Center, Duke psychologist and lead researcher. James Blumenthal said that exercise may be just as effective as medication, and may be a better alternative for some patients with major depressive disorder.

The movement pattern (martial art techniques) in Choi Kwang Do have been designed using principles from kinesiology, biomechanics and human anatomy. Grandmaster Choi designed Choi Kwang Do to be very effective for self-defense purposes, but also to enhance the health and life of the practitioner.

The system of Choi Kwang Do has ten components (nine physical and one psychological). Each component has an aim to develop the self-defense skills, and health and wellness of the practitioner.

With competitions removed from Choi Kwang Do, students support and encourage each other in classes rather than compete against each other. They train for health, fun, and enjoyment.

Choi Kwang Do training may be ideal as a preventative measure to avoid depression, and could also be ideal as form of exercise for those suffering from this mental health condition.

Choi Kwang Do Martial Art International has to date already worked with several individuals with depression with great success. Please look at some of our testimonials on our international website at

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