Counter Punching

Counter punching will give you an edge over your’ opponent. It will help you develop your upper body movement by slipping punches and making you more relaxed under pressure which will allow you to have more time and see more opportunities. You will also be able to capitalise more effectively on your opponent’s mistakes.

If you could take one concept with regard to your training, and in fact life, then this would be the one I would advise you to take on board and use daily. CANI should be applied to anything you do.

By constantly asking yourself, ‘How can I train better, how can I improve my technique, fitness, knowledge, respect, confidence, humility and relationship with my partner?’ you will be well on the way.

Have a passion for learning, progressing and growing and you will.

Slip Left and Right

Keep your feet still and chin tucked in, hold your hands by your head, elbows tucked into your side. Move your upper body left and right to avoid the oncoming jab.

Roll Rack

Bend your back leg and roll back, keeping your chin tucked in and your shoulder facing your opponent. Roll back to evade the oncoming jab.


Bend your knees, keep your back straight and duck to evade the attacker’s jab.

Practice these movements separately, and then one after the other, and finally free play in any order. Remember we want to develop a natural movement without thought.

To counter simply add a jab counter after movement, you can work these by yourself, with focus pads, or padded up with a partner.

TIPS FOR COUNTER PUNCHING Focus on your chin being tucked in and your defence being tight.

Remember to keep breathing.

When working with a partner try not to go too fast too soon, develop your skill and take your time. Relax.

Develop these movements until you do not need to think about them.

You can then start experimenting with different attacking punches and counters.

Remember, the harder you work the luckier you get.

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