Daoist Palms Hidden Art

Expand your knowledge of Oriental Martial Arts! Learn the Secrets of Chinese Kung-Fu.

Over 2000 years ago, a Buddhist monk named Bhodhidharma journeyed across the Himalayan Mountains to the Hunan Province of China to teach the monks who lived there. He found that their physical condition was poor and that they often fell victim to bandits. Bhodhidharma developed 18 techniques to be used as self-defense that relied only on the hands and feet as weapons. Over time, the monks gained renown as fighters as well as spiritual leaders.

Time passed and additional techniques were added and refined. Unarmed and armed martial arts were practiced all over the Orient; however, China is recognized as the birthplace ot martial arts.

The forms on these tapes are the traditional Hyung of Tang Soo Do.

One stops to examine the tech rmed, one will notice that they oo Do techniques perfo— ‘ r. Basics are the found f martial arts is built. Fin ense and Center Punch, then ide Kicks, and eventually the J „ Xicks: but one never becomes tc to forsake basics. As playing the scales is musician, so are the basics

Keep this in mind as you w Kim perform. To this day hi Defense and Center I


These are techniques that proved themselves in combat-not in someone’s imagination. One must be cautioned not to add movements to forms, delete movements or invent forms. Only a person who has engaged in unarmed mortal combat many times in his life and has successfully defended himself is qualified to develop forms.


The forms are performed by Grandmaster Chun Sik Kim, president and founder of the International Tang Soo Do Federation (with the exception of

Sip Soo, performed by Master Joe Goss, vice president of the ITSDF).

Two-time Korean Tang Soo Do Champion 1 Former Chief Instructor, Osan Air Force Base t\ Korean Team Captain, 5th Asian Karate Championships 1970 Undefeated World Champion Karate Hall of Fame Member Former Chairman, U.S. Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation U.S. Team Coach at First World Championship

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