Different Types Of Ground Fighting For MMA

Stats indicate that the the greater part of MMA battles go to the ground at some point in time in the match. For this reason, its completely essential that professionals of the sport are proficient at defending and attacking whilst positioned on the ground. In the beginning for ground fighting, you will need to take your opponent to the ground. A few effective techniques like hip throws, leg trips and tackles can help accomplishing this.


To continually stay in a favorable position, you must always control your challenger. Ultimately, all you require to do is use the joint locks or chokes to finish your foe.

Brazilian Jujitsu

With Brazilian jujitsu you get an extra mechanical power to surrender your opponents when still on the floor. This type of fighting is credited largely to the Gracie family from Brazil, but actually has its roots in Japanese grappling martial arts. Jujitsu and judo have many tactics in common and because of this the contenders are moving over to MMA. In Brazilian jujitsu you can submit a contender using joint locks or chokes.

These methods can be delivered from a variety of postures, permitting a skilled specialist to be on the offense even when their back is on the ground and their opponent is on top of them.

Submission Wrestling

Submission wrestling is a commonly used term for representing jujitsu when the sport is practiced without a traditional uniform. It is a much favored style with MMA because of the attire that is alike the one permitted in MMA competitions.

Without having the long sleeves and pant legs of the gi, submission wrestlers must adapt their techniques so they can grapple devoid of holding on to their opponent’s clothes. Submission wrestling is also occasionally known as ‘catch wrestling’, which is a western style of grappling.

About greco-Roman Wrestling

The Olympic sport of Greco-Roman wrestling has observed widespread adoption among MMA practitioners. Although, this kind of fighting is limited in the number of techniques involved, yet it educates one about defense as well as takedown expertise. Greco-Roman wrestling is yet another game form that demonstrates the way to grasp a hold of the competitor when you are in a clinch posture or in top position on the ground.

An MMA artist with competence over most of these techniques can control where the fight takes place, and often has the advantage during the match.

Sambo and Judo

Judo, incorporates leg trips and hip throws to get the other contender on ground. This form also gives you the option of employing chokes and joint locks to surrender an opponent. Judo is normally exercised with a gi, but has been successfully adapted for MMA by numerous famous practitioners.

Sambo is a Russian sport that doesn’t allow for chokes, but is popular for its use of joint locks, notably leg locks. Many fighters in Russia take advantage of sambo techniques while on the ground to complete a fight faster. There are a number of characteristics common in between sambo and MMA. Mixing up grappling and striking together, sambo is counted as an ideal form for the mastering the art of MMA.

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