Disadvantages of being obese

Generally speaking, fat people do not live as long as thin people. Obesity is strongly linked to such disorders as cardiovascular disease, gallstones and diabetes. It can also bring about or worsen osteoarthri-tis, because the skeleton has to bear the burden of the extra weight, and the weak links are the joints, particularly those of the spine, hips, knees and ankles. Moreover, the risks associated with surgery are much higher with obese patients. They have a tendency to develop circulatory and wound complications, and the excessive fat tissue often makes operating procedures difficult, thereby impairing the chances of success in some cases and slowing healing. Pregnancy and childbirth are more risky in overweight mothers, particularly if surgery is likely.

There are other disadvantages to being obese besides greater proneness to disease. It is harder for you to buy clothes, and the clothes you do buy may be more expensive or fit badly. Children who are obese are often teased about their condition, which can lead to their becoming self-conscious, shy and withdrawn. Obese adults are often characterized as being lazy, dirty, untidy and stupid. Research has shown that even many doctors have a negative attitude towards them. Employers may also hesitate about taking on an obese person, because he or she may not look as smart as someone who is slim and because the em-ployer may mistakenly think that fitness of body reflects fitness of mind.

Your general health also deteriorates if you are obese, because exercise is rendered more difficult and this leads to inactivity and wastage of muscle. The extra fat around the chest and abdomen tends to increase stress in internal organs, which leads in turn to a general deterioration in health. Despite this long list of health problems associated with obesity, however, some people are perfectly happy being fat. Everyone has the ‘right to be fat’, because it usually harms no one but themselves. Such individuals are prepared to take the implied consequences of obesity in return for enjoyment of their favourite foods or drinks. –


Slimming is one of those things that are so easy to talk about but so difficult to do. You perhaps want to lose weight but never seem able to, either because you lack the willpower to control your consumption of food and drink or you simply do not know the best way to go about it. Some people think that increased exercise alone is the answer, but it rarely is. For example, an hour of strenuous sport will burn up only as many Calories as is provided by a small bar of chocolate or a bottle of milk. To lose one kilogram of fat you would have to walk more than 100 kilometres. The average person does not get deeply involved in exercises and any weight loss must therefore be achieved in conjunction with dieting. Reducing diets are based on the idea that if you reduce your consumption to less than your body’s energy needs, measured in Calories, then you should gradually but inevitably lose weight.

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