Ki is felt with the mind, and emerges from the body – so you can train to feel Ki with the body, through meditation of the mind, and achieve the joining of mind and body. To train in Ki you must first feel Ki. So that you recognise its existence and by recognising Ki’s existence you can control your body and mind.

When you recognise the existence of your own strength as Ki. Then a considerable change in conscious thought happens. Ki exists in every-thing.

The sky possesses Ki and demonstrates this with its density and charge, by displaying changing forms. At the same time Ki always Hows with current and although invisible and calm, it expresses its existence through mysterious activity. Ki forms part of a parallel universe, which is bound to events in this universe, and by which one can recall the lost sensations of one’s own strength and past. Ki which is recalled can be gathered in body and mind, and also be dispersed throughout the body. Therefore, what is needed first is training to feel and strengthen Ki. Ki doesn’t leave the mind easily, and the mind is contained within the body.

Equally, the mind is inseparable from the physicality of the body, in time and space. When the mind or the Ki changes, the effects are felt in the body. The part where transfer of Ki is most easily felt is the hand. When holding the hands lightly and by slowly opening and closing the hands continuously the formless force, which is Ki, can be fell on the palm of the hands, as a warm sensation, and pulling force. By repeating this motion, the feeling strengthens. When immersing oneself within this feeling, the mind clears and becomes concentrated and unified. Don’t force concentration, just devote yourself and repeal without connection to breathing, and once immersed, the concentration can be considered true and pure. The removal of idle thoughts and over-concentrating gives rise to headaches and tensed shoulders. Synchronise the feeling with the movement of hands and arms. However, if idle thoughts remain, then try relaxing your mind further with the aid of meditation music.

Meditation music is specially produced to calm the mind and helps to immerse your self in one thing. 1 am planning to upload some meditation music my elder brother produced, based on his feelings and disciplines from long term Ki training, to the dukmoo web site. Every person has different extent of the feeling, therefore asking for advice from a teacher is important. When you start to feel Ki through training, there is a progression towards a stronger feeling (e.g. in hapkido dan-jun breathing).

Ki originally consists of light and vibration, vibrations change into sound and by Rowing with the rhythm and the feeling of Ki. The mind gathers with the movement of body. At this point, one can get rid of all stray thoughts and can concentrate on the flow of Ki without noticing.

This one feeling of Ki is calm but gives the feeling ol movement, and also movement gives the feeling of calm, this makes one aware that the

Ki is flowing freely in and out ol the body. Although the sensation is minute, due to the vibration, it can amplify and strengthen. By entrust-ing the body to this vibration, first one stumbles but then makes move-ment towards the left and right, up and down, then a circle, and this becomes an irregular movement. When one makes this movement it is advantageous to one’s self, as it is opening up the mind, this then leads to smooth, weak and strong movements.

The usual complex thoughts which the external conscious detects and decides are simplified and become one. At this point Ki becomes stronger and thus movement becomes stronger and sirealer. A segment- ed movement or thought becomes a more fluid whole movement, and the primitive feeling lives as extrasensory perception. The blocked and confusing thoughts from busy modern day life are untied by the parallel theory of powerful Ki. By supplementing the weak, and smoothing the strong, the balancing of tension and relaxation occurs. From this the impure Ki is released, and by having bright thoughts and healthy body bad

Ki is substituted with good Ki. This Ki functions to strengthen the natural recovery. Sky is equal but as the Ki goes to who wants it, so it can be unequal. According to a saying. The water from pond drank by cow is made to milk, but drank by snake, it becomes poison – the dis- cipline of Ki and its effects are different due to the mental attitude of those who embrace Ki. People with ailing bodies, or disturbed minds.

Which has long been set in grudge, have an intense response to Ki.

Many diseases displayed come about through Myng huon hyon sang (sickness or pain without reason). As the disease is acute but tem-porary. Its link to Myng huon hyon sang is unrecognised. It causes parts that have suffered in the past to revive and give severe pain. Just as a positive response is exhibited when vaccinated, so belief and acceptance of Myng huon hyon sang also brings about a positive response. Pain or illness disappears quickly and is cured, but if one gives into pain and takes pain killers and so on. Then the natural way is undone, and the disease returns. Everything has a reason. There could be things which you’ve done without knowing which causes the disease. This is the retribution of the deed, and you shouldn’t try to avoid it. Only acceptance is required, accepting is repenting, and confessing, so that you will not repeal the same mistake again. This lesson makes you better.

Body’s sickness comes from the twisted mind: expectation of get-ting healthy in body without the cure of the mind has deepened through the custom of material civilisation. Taking responsibility for ones own doings and accepting the agony and lessons gives rise to necessary change.

Change in mentality, through agony of mind shown through Myng huon hyon sang, overcoming this is just accepting it. From this. The bodily disease disappears, and mind brightens, and the body makes beautiful movements. When the mind and body becomes good from the good Ki, the movements become a beautiful rhythmic dance. Our traditional Korean folk dance is for freeing the mind, and body, and expressing the extreme joy in bodily movements with sound.

As the body and mind calms and finds balance the mode of meditation changes. Ki has energy, therefore being tranquil, quiet, and having clean mind can change the appearance through movement and facial expressions. Of course everyone is different in many ways, therefore do not decide on a training program by oneself, but ask for good guidance. Women facing child birth and other mental stresses with an extreme effect on the mind, and men who have stresses from work, and rely on drinking and external amusements, need to change the basis of their training, and train for generosity and acceptance, to get rid of grudges, and clear the mind from daily tensions and unhealthy thought processes. Therefore to meditate with Ki they will need to be aware of the Ki from mind as well as the body. Then they won’t be disturbed from a change in Ki too much.

Ki from mind is called Sim-Ki (mind Ki) or Sin-Ki and the Ki from the body is Yang-Ki or also Jung-Ki. Therefore one should preserve Jung through caring for your health through diet and exercise, and by controlling the mind. This calms the Sin-Ki for clarity. Then you’ll notice that the your physical constitution and character has changed, and will feel the greatness and blessing the sky has granted, lo find yourself living new every day. Ki of life, Ki of love, Ki of peace is felt, and the harmony of nature, dance, and poetry bursts out. We call this yul- ryu-moo (movement of nature), and yul-ryu-sung (sound of nature) and also yung-ga-moo-do. Ki is vibrations of sound and light. If you experience this, you will aware that everything begins from the mind. Although clear thoughts, and a healthy mind, needs to be the basis of this.

Duk Moo Academy leaches the principles of Ki-gong. The 5 Ki-gong are as follows: 1. YOK-CHA, this is the Ki-gong that can be trained without any equipment, the first level involves gathering Ki in the dan-jun (area of diaphragm), after repeating 10 times the whole body becomes hot and sweats. I have started teaching 18 May 06 Taekwondo and Korean Martial Arts my students in the UK this technique. The Second level is dan-jun breathing techniques, ja-chi-myun mind control and breathing while sleeping, bal-ryuk-bub movement, breathing and shouting.

The advantages of this training can be summarised as the following. Firstly it clears the head and mind, helping you to become calm and joyful.

Secondly, the voice becomes resonant and full. Thirdly, it helps the respiratory organs become healthy, prevents flu. Emphysema, and nasal catarrh. Fourthly, the central organs become more healthy and it can assist with symptoms of asthma, heart attack, cardiac infarction. Fifthly, dan-jun (the diaphragm area) strengthens and this may make it easier to give up smoking. Sixthly, a general good condition is gained. 2. SOO CHA is training with water and a drinking at fixed times, also Naksoo ki gong, training whilst looking at the How and spray of a waterfall.

The advantages of this training is summarised as the following: Firstly, you can use all your strength at once. Secondly, blood circulation accelerates to have a regenerating and rejuvenating effect Thirdly. It helps skin to become clear and healthy, also expands the capillary vessels. Fourthly, it strengthens internal organs and helps you to have a good sleep. It is also effective against flu. 3. DONG-CHA, is training through consuming copper, this gains confidence, aides appetite and changes physical constitution so you can develop great strength. 4. SIN-CHA, is learning
special letters and how to use them, training requires deep concentration and can change ones constitution. 5. YAK-CHA, take herbal (oriental) medicine to change constitution and can use great strength at once.

Firstly, it replenishes Ki and weakness, and promotes blood circulation. So great strength can be used. Secondly. Yak-Cha helps Eum and Yang, rejuvenation and regeneration of the body’s Ki and blood, this aides and improves your immunity, resistance, and recovery, anil the regeneration of hormones.

Here I would also like to introduce some of the Duk Moo Academy teachers and eminent practitioners of Ki.

Choi, Jac-sam: trained in Seoul’s West Gate and Choon-Chun City, in Hapkido and Yak Cha. At present he resides in America, and is the Director of a construction company.

Kim. Sang-bae: attended a demonstration in Choon-Chun City when at blue belt level. He then went on to train Yuk-Cha and teach this technique.

He was well known as as Ki trainer. He was able to hit the backbones of 7 people lined up without touching them using Ki. And demonstrated this on TV.

Jung, Chan-yung: trained in Soo-cha. He moved to Duk Moo Academy from Moo Sool Kwan after gaining his blackbelt. Lived in Suwon City, where he was a mathematics teacher in a high school.

Han, Sang-duk: Is a business man in Suwon City, he has excellent throwing skill and has trained in Yuk-Cha.

Yoon, He-jung: Is a Duk Moo Academy Master, he has a quiet personality. And small physique, but has perfected the skill of Yuk-Cha. At present he is a businessman in An-Yang City. He is a legendary Master of Hapkido. And infamously fought 30 gangsters in the streets of Chun Choon City.

Suh. Myung-il: 1967 he gained a Hapkido black belt, and in 1972 completed the Dae Han Min Guk Hapkido Federation Masters course. And expanded

Hapkido in America, and the Gang-Won-Do region in Korea. He taught alone for 35 years, and is a Director of the second generation of Hapkido

Masters. He is also the International Director of the Korea Hapkido Federation, and a Chief instructor of Duk Moo Academy, having gained specialized knowledge from Duk Moo Academy’s Director Grand Master Kim Duk In.

Students and sons: grand master Kim. Duk-in has 2 pupils who are his sons. The elder son is called Kim. June, and the younger son is Kim. Beom.

The two inherited different contents and systems. The use of strength through water was taught to the younger son. And the middle part, breathing was to elder son. Kim. Joon the elder, with his opinions of martial arts, caused disputes last year and has made influential debates: many masters have came to him for advice and as a planning director of Korea Hapkido federation, he is putting efforts to spread Hapkido into foreign countries and unification within Korea. Kim. Boem the younger is present in UK. And is the instructor of 4 university Hapkido clubs, and is the examiner of UK Hapkido, and officially, is the

Chief of northern UK branch of Korea Hapkido Federation. ‘filings to keep in mind while training in Ki. Never be greedy.

If you overdo Ki training then there are side effects, be natural and get rid of tension. Rid yourself of idle thoughts.

If you have stray thoughts, it disturbs the training, clear your thoughts. If there are pain and difficulty in the body or mind, then ask for advice from your master or trainer.

The mind controls Ki. And Ki can alter blood flow around the body. Therefore it can cause sickness. While training keep away from loud noises, stressful situations or shock.

When you are in deep clearness while training, outside noise and shock can cause mental illness, also the Ki is obstructed, and it can cause serious illness.

These training techniques are designed to forget the limits of daily life. And are therefore difficult and complex, so accordingly they should only be taught by an experienced master or Ki trainer, ensuring that you can carry on healthy life while training in Ki.

I would one day like to go to a Greek Island and forget the stresses of every day life, and also introduce Ki training to Master Dimitris.

I have decided to introduce Ki training in these articles, as currently the situation as it stands, is that many trainers are offering Ki training at expensive rates. I however do not agree with this, as Ki training should be a natural progression in your Martial Arts training.

Thus cannot be forced or rushed, for the advantage of those individuals who wish to pay for such training, and then benefit by selling on their limited knowledge. I believe Ki training should be a free part of your Martial Arts development.

For more information about Korean Culture and the Korean Martial Art Hapkido, please visit

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