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Russell Stutely is the ONLY DSI Instructor in the UK. He is widely regarded as the UK’s leading authority on Acupressure Points and their relationship to the Martial Arts. He has been responsible for training some of the UK’s foremost Martial Artists in the correct usage of

Pressure Points and Players to the Game. In recent months Russell has also been teaching Boxers how to utilise Players to the Game with startling results.

Russell was recently inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame along-side other such luminaries as Peter Consterdine and Rick

Moneymaker. His instruction in Kata Bunkai has been sought all over the UK and into Europe. He has also been invited to teach a series of

Seminars in the USA for 2001. Well known for his realistic and no nonsense approach to Kata Bunkai, he is in constant demand from several

Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do organisations to teach correct Bunkai and also formulate a syllabus. Book Russell to help vou do the same. Superb Seminar. Players to the Game are an absolute eye opener …Bob Sykes 6th Dan Karate. ..Russell is great to watch in action.. …Peter Consterdine 7th Dan Karate. You have heard the hype. Come to a seminar and experience the reality. Russell puts the sense back into Karate …Anthony Blades 5th Dan

Shotokan book a Seminar with Russell Stutely at your own Dojo Now book Now! All Seminars carry a 100% complete satisfaction Money Back Guarantee, Join our e-mail list to keep up to date with Seminars and Special Offers. See our website for details.

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PP K.O’s made easy Vol 1 and Vol 2 £35.00 each inc P+R Code PP1 or PP2 A superb set of must have tapes. Peter Consterdine

Bassai Dai/Bassai Sho. Detailed analysis of the Bassai Katas. Several K.O’s are shown on this tape £25.00 Code BKC3

The Tekki Katas. Bunkai for the three Tekki Katas. This tape also features several PP K.O.’s. £20.00 Code BKC2

The Heian Katas. Bunkai for the first Heian/Pinan Katas. This tape also features several PP K.O.’s £20.00 Code BKC1

Introduction to Pressure Points (Plavers to the Game). This tape has become known as the definitive guide to How to use Pressure Points. This is simply a must have tape. £25.00 Code BKC5


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Please make cheques/ROrders payable to ‘BKC Tel 01572 755556 Fax 01572 755625 Website

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