The lightning fast self-defense of the Filipino Martial Arts is demonstrated andl explained by noted teacher and author Rene Latosa in this video series. Incisive instruction from a world-renown master! Tapes are 45 min. to 1 hr. long. 1 – THE figure 8 THEORY – How to conceptualize and use the continuous one motion defense/attacks of Escrima. Learn to block & strike in one motion. 2 – CADENA DE MANO – The classic filipino system of empty hand fighting 3 – THE BOX SYSTEM – Rene Latosa’s approach to footwork, body positioning, defensive counters and offensive attacks. Learn how to zone to your opponent in or out. 4 – POWER, SPEED, TIMING & MOTION – How to coordinate power, speed & timing effectively. 5 – DOS MANOS – Learn the theory and use of two sticks in workouts, fighting & self-defense. 6 – BLADED WEAPONS – THE MACHETE, Defending against knives with Escrima theory. 7 – LONG STICKS The techniques needed to use and defend against longer sticks and staffs. 8 – FULL CONTACT STICK FIGHTING – Techniques for tournament stick fighting with Cedric Concon


Founded in 1965, Kokushi-Ryu Jujutsu is the cul-mination of Soke Higashi’s research into ancient Jujutsu, Judo, Karate, Aikido, & others. 1

JUJUTSU-NO-WAZA – Includes 54 techniques of Jujutsu: Chikama-no-waza(close front techniques), Yoko-no-waza (side techniques) & Ushiro-no-waza (rear) 2 TOHMA-NO-WAZA & SUWARI WAZA (far-front & kneeling tech.) Chudan-tsuki,.Jodan-tsuki, ¦ I Yokomen-uchi & more.

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