Recently established by GrandMasterTh. P. Salm 8th Dan, the federation is now active across Europe. The aim of the EMTF is to foster an environment that allows like minded people to train together through fellowship and friendship.

Through the EMTF GrandMaster Th. P. Salm offers advice and guidance to all groups with the assistance of Master grades across Europe. The EMTF follows the traditional Tang Soo Do syllabus and affiliation to the the EMTF is simple for inter-ested groups or individuals. You maintain your independence, train to your own syllabus and run your organisation without interference. There is no cost to yourselves and the benefits are:

No fees, no interfTince in yen groups. All the befits of being part of a large aij Direct support from Master Grades.

Seminars held in your clubs.

Regular Dan gratings.

Regular European Tournaments.

GrandMaster with ove/ 50 years experience. GrandMasterTh. P. Salm Tel: +31 10 466 77 92 / +31 65 127 99 99 Master Ashok Kumar Traditional Tang Soo Do Association Charnwood House

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