Everlast: Great Gloves For Your MMA Needs

Everlast is among the most popular names in the world of boxing equipment. From heavy bags to speed bags to double end bags, Everlast has makes some truly amazing items.

I turn to this company first when I need to purchase a new set of boxing gloves. Honestly, they are often the first company I turn to when I need to purchase anything related to boxing.


Why is the company so popular?

There are a number of reasons this company is so well liked. Among the top reasons is that it is the company even the pros are familiar with and that is one reason.

Everlast is on the shelves in retail stores. That is something many other decent boxing companies never ventured into retail stores so they lost a great deal of potential popularity as a result and their loss was Everlast’s gain.


When you purchase from this brand, you are getting a great item. It is a company that produces boxing gloves for both amateur and professional fighters.

This is not a fly by night brand because it has been in the business for years and has been providing excellent items for a long time. My friend has had a pair of bag gloves from Everlast that he has been using for 10 years and there are many more similar stories.

Amazingly, while they are a little worn now, my friend’s gloves are still quite functional and provide great protection for his hands. When you buy quality items from Everlast, you simply can’t go wrong.

Thanks to the development of cardio boxing and kickboxing, Everlast has released some less than desirable low cost gloves, unfortunately. These are the real cheap items that you will see in the retail stores.

There are some excellent Everlast gloves sold in these stores but there is some not so great items as well. It is best to stay away from the low cost cheap gloves and look for the more valuable and expensive ones.

Iis a $109 pair of gloves better than a $19 pair? Simply put, there is no comparison between the two since a $19 pair of boxing gloves is not going to be of the same design and manufacturing quality.

The cheaper will not be durable. It will never last very long before starting to break down. Then there are safety issues – a cheap pair of boxing gloves is not safe. It does not protect your hands and could lead to an injury. You want to stay away from the cheap gloves as they really are risky to train with.

Everlast does many a number of high quality gloves. Looking towards these gloves would be a much better option.

If you want gloves that last, you can find what you need with Everlast.

Before you buy anything online, make sure you check Cj’s excellent prices on Everlast products, and other MMA equipmentas well.

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