Exercise To Build Muscle And Burn Off Fat Simultaneously

In their quest to make weight, a lot of martial artists spent the last month or so leading up to fight shedding fat, which is all well and good, but shedding a lot of muscle as well.  What happens next is that when they enter the fighting arena they are actually weaker than they were during their pre-fight training phase.

To overcome this you need to train strength and stamina simultaneously in order to build muscle, burn fat and perform better on fight night.

sledgehammer 1Strength stamina training is made up of several resistance training or body weight drills undertaken in a particular arrangement, in order to concentrate on a wide range of muscles through a pre-determined timeframe. It employs resistance machines, kettlebells and other free weights, or plyometrics and is structured in a linear arrangement that permits progressions from one move to another right up until all the exercises have been completed. The beauty with circuit training is its ability to be customised to meet individual training objectives (for example, pack on muscle mass). Evaluate if you ought to focus on aerobic fitness, muscular strength, stamina levels, or a mix of each.

  • For those who are already experienced with lifting weights, the stimulus from high repetition sets is probably not going to be satisfactory to lead to increases in strength levels. So keep the reps in the 5-10 range.
  • Utilize the many unilateral drills for extra intensity, and to help with rotational power for punching.
  • To maximize the intensity from this method of program, a power circuit can be set up. This may be done by integrating exercises from a weightlifting routine and performing them in sequence with movements originating from a calisthenics program. For example, complete a set of breathing squats where 8-12 repetitions can be performed before failure. This is immediately followed by 10-15 reps of tuck jumps.

One of the keys to constant increases in muscle mass and strength gains, is an old Soviet weight training system known as conjugated periodisation. This is the idea of transforming your muscle building and fat loss program by the selection of varied exercises. If you should work more than a couple of muscle groups at any one time, across several joints, then it is a compound exercise. The squat thrust is an excellent example of this. If you are bending at only one single joint, such as the elbow does in a cable tricep extension, then it is an isolation movement. So the great thing is that you can train your body utilizing either type of movement. Knowing how to use these movements within (1) a workout and (2) a health and fitness program, is very important in order to develop strength . One of many important things about training the muscles with weights is that the sheer variation of exercises not only provides choice, but is the key to improve your visual appeal and make your body stronger and fitter.

You want to make sure that you are using these sort of exercises in your conditioning drills.  They will challenge you much more than most isolation exercises.  You can incorporate the use of sledgehammers, sandbags, tractor tyres etc.

If you can, try and emulate the things you do during a fight.  Closer to the actual movements that are used during competition the better.

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