Oriental Medicine and Cancer By Dr. Myung Chill Kim Is it a coincidence that a patient with gallstones may develop brain, breast, ovarian, or testicular tumors on the right side? Dr. Kim declares that many cancers result from physical injuries and surgical scars that block the flow of Qi energy in the body. The book teaches its readers how to easily and precisely diagnose cancers and tumors with the fingertips. (If a health problem is suspected, see a medical professional immediately.) Other topics discussed include: Qi development; causes of disease; history of Oriental medicine; Yin/Yang theory; diagnostic methods; Oriental medicine treatments; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Contains more than 100 illustrations. Open your mind to a different way of looking at your body and maintaining your health! Chi Gonq: Medicine From God By Myung Chill Kim

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Dr. Kim, the author and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, believes that it’s time for Westerners to open their eyes to alternative forms of medicine that can enhance health as well as the spiritual lives of all who practice the healing art of Chi Gong. He states that each of us has the healing power of chi within our bodies. Chi, he says, can be built up by practicing internal martial arts that are demonstrated in this book. Also, discover the secret of how a 70-year-old man climbs Mt. Everest (28,000 feet) without an oxygen tank; why humans should crawl like animals; why a 90-year-old Taoist can perform sexually better than anyone younger; how to have a safe and easy childbirth; how to lose weight; and many more fascinating stories of metaphysical and Myung Chill Kim spiritual healing.

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