Full Flexibility with No Warm-Up! Fast and Safe! No Partner or Equipment Needed! Stretching Scientifically: A Guide to Flexibility Draining (book) by Thomas Kurst The best book on stretching with photos & drawings to guide you to full flexibility! $25.99 + $4 s/h $8 foreign! Use our method to kick at maximum height with no warm-up and get your splits within months! LEARN: ¦ How to stretch safely ami quickly to achieve your maximum flexibility It took me 2 months tops to accomplish what you see in my picture. – Hiram Garriles, Xuevo Laredo. Mexico 0s ¦ How to kick high and do splits with no warm-up The looseness and agility of my muscles improved ten times faster than with any of the other ‘experts’ methods. My classmates are in awe of the fact that I can kick well over my head without a warm-up. – Donny L. Abies, Jr., Tyler. TX ¦ How to stay flexible all the time The stretch I have achieved with your techniques has stayed with me despite brief periods of inactivity. This is especially important to me as my schedule sometimes has me traveling where it is impossible to train. – Stephen Dileo.

Altoona. PA O

Stephen Dileo

No gizmos or awkward stretching machines needed. Order now and get results! Have Great Flexibility and Great Strength at the Same Time! Secrets of Stretching: Exercises For The Lower Body (video) by Thomas Kurt The best video on both strength and flexibility! 98 min., $49.95 + $4 s/h ($8 foreign) DVDs are in NTSC. But play in nearly all PAL l)\’l) players. For VI IS. Specify system: NTSC or PAL. Follow our do-along video with four ready-made exercise routines (from beginners to advanced) and LEARN: Francisco Hernandez. 47 ¦ How to make your legs both super flexible and stronger at the same time—even if you are over 40 years old I started using your method a couple of months ago. Look at me today at age 47! – Francisco Hernandez. New York, NY C? ¦ How to have your full flexibility without a warm-up I am 30 years old. Yes, this method has worked for me. Follow it to the letter and you too can do high kicks anil splits with no warm-up. – Anthony. L. Wallace, Rexdale, Ontario ¦ How to prevent injuries Almost all of our students increased flexibility in a few months. The results have been astounding! Injury rates have declined significantly. – Stephen X. Dileo, Altoona, PA .lust spend 4-15 mill, a day on our stretches, and twice a week spend 11-23 min. on our special strength and flexibility exercises. Xo guesswork—just follow along. Xo stretching machines needed but for strength exercises weights and a pulley are recommended. Don’t wait! Order now!

Throw High. Powerful, and Snappy Kicks! Any Time, With No Notice! Power High Kicks with Xo Warm-Up! (video) by Mac Mierxejewski The best video on power in high kicks! 80 min., $49.95 + $4 s/h ($8 foreign) VIIS, NTSC (N. America), PAL (Europe, Australia) Use the most effective and scientific method of training to add height and devastating power to your cold kicks! LEARN: Tom Kurz, 40. kicks cold ¦ How to throw high, accurate, and powerful REAL Black Belt kicks witli no wann-up This method of warming-up and working out is much faster than what is traditionally taught. – .Ion Miller. Indian Wells. CA ¦ How to put more power and snap in your high kicks My kicks are faster, with more power—not as much time stretching. – Philip Ameris, New Kensington, PA ¦ How to kick cold without injuring yourself, pulling muscles or even getting sore My kicks are higher. I have learned that the kicks don’t have to hurt me ! – Rosemary Geoffrey, Fairlee, VT Learn fundamentals, footwork, drills, and technical tips for power and great height with no warm-up. Amaze others with vour flexibility and readiness!

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