Frank Shamrock MMA Nutrition Seminar – Raw Food Diet

Did you know that you could eat a new vegetable and fruit everyday for the rest of your life and never eat the same one! The earth grows all the things we need to be healthy, happy and satisfied. There is a cure for every ailment, disease and problem that one could have right here on mother earth.

Raw foods, also known as living foods, are full of nutrients and enzymes that the body needs to be healthy and radiant. Foods that have been cooked are low in nutrients due to the high heat and are denatured. Also, when foods are cooked they loose their valuable enzymes that the body needs to properly digest and assimilate the nutrients into one’s system.

Today life is fast paced and people’s schedules and responsibilities are demanding, leaving little time for well-planned nutritious meals. As result, people are often hurried to eat foods that are fast, filling, cheap and good tasting, such as fast foods or processed foods. What many people do not realize is that in trying to simplify and accommodate the fast paced life they are actually making things harder for themselves long term.

What people do not realize is that long term this will cost people more money, health and time because eating denatured food without nutrients will slowly damage and hurt our bodies. When the digestive system is weak or having to over effort from all of the junk we put into our bodies, we are generally more exhausted. Switching to more of a plant-based, living foods eating regime overtime can help to heal the digestive system and organs to give more energy and clarity.

Deciding to switch to an all raw diet over night is not realistic or practical if it is going to be sustained long-term. Making small steps and changes in your diet will be most beneficial and eventually you might crave and only want to eat healthy food. For instance, raw desserts are highly nutritious and delicious and they are some of the best things I have ever tasted! Here are some important tools to help make healthy changes for a better life:

First, eat as many organic and local fruits and vegetables as you can find. Local produce is fresher because it has not traveled far, which is better for you, better the farmer and better the environment. Food that is not organic is often sprayed with pesticides and chemicals, which end up in our bodies causing more work and stress on the liver. Without our bodies we would not be able to live, therefore we need to treat them well and take care of them. We are a reflection of what we eat, so eat well!

Try replacing all the frozen or canned fruits and vegetables in your house with fresh ones. Fresh produce is more potent with nutrients and energy for your body in contrast with produce that has been canned or frozen. Also, eat as many greens as possible each day. Greens are one of the best things that you can eat because they are so full of nutrients that go directly into your blood. Greens are also an alkaline food and when the body is in an alkaline state nothing bad can grow or live, like disease. Eat a salad everyday!

Having enough good fats in our diet is crucial for achieving optimal health. Good fats are what ultimately satiate us, lubricate our joints and tissues and keep our skin healthy. Coconut oil, olive oil and avocado are all good fats. Eating up to three tablespoons of raw coconut oil per day is beneficial for helping the skin, helps to balance the metabolism and helps with blood sugar levels. You do not want to take three tablespoons of coconut oil on the first day; try taking half a tablespoon to start for the first couple of weeks and ease into adding more. You can add the oil to your smoothies or to a piece of toast.

Finally, when cooking use only coconut or olive oil. Most oils except for coconut and olive oil, become carcinogenic and denatured when they are heated to a high temperature, which is not good for your body. Making small improvements to your diet will serve you long-term, making you healthier, happier and more beautiful.

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