Tape 1 TAE KWON DO BASIC TECHNIQUES 60min & STANCES Step-by-step demonstrating all basics.

Tape 2 THE COMPLETE STRETCH 60min Master-Cho’s proven stretching techniques, designed for excellence.

Tape 3 ONE & THREE STEP SPARRING 60min Take-downs arm-locks and jumping techniques, improve fighting and defensive skills.

Tape 4- I.T.F. HYUNG (1-10) 60min DVD Chun-Ji, Dan Gun, Do San, Won Hyo, Yul Kok, Joong Gun, Toi Gye, Haw Rang, Choong Moo and Gwang Gae.

Tape 5 I.T.F. HYUNG (11-20) 90min DVD Ge Back, Po Eun, Choong Jang, TOO Sin, Ko Dong, Ui-Ji, Choi Youn, Sam II, Sejong, and Tong II.

Tape 6 DYNAMIC KICKING 80min Ground kicking, the awesome master Cho way.

Tape 7 DYNAMIC JUMP KICK 90min Advanced kicking, Master Cho’s secrets.

Tape 8 CHO’S WORKOUT SYSTEM 60min For the Complete Martial Artist only! Weights, bag, boxing…the works.

Tape 9 DYNAMIC BREAKING 90mm Not magic, but technique and focus. Techniques include mid-air, spinning, blindfolded and combinations.

Tape 10 SELF DEFENSE & FALLING 120mm Falling dropping techniques self-defense against weapons, ground fighting and controlling assailants.

Tape 11 FREE SPARRING- AMATEUR 90min Amateur Tae Kwon Do and American One Point Tape 12 FREE SPARRING PROFESSIONAL

FULL CONTACT 60min Full contact fighting skills.Sharpen your technique and confidence.

Tape 13- DYNAMIC BAG WORKOUT 60min Learn balance, timing and precision, speed and power, both hand and foot techniques are covered.

Tape 14 INSTRUCTOR TRAINING-ADULT 60min Complete Adult’s Class. Learn how to motivate your students and develop their self-awareness & self- confidence.

Tape 15 INSTRUCTOR TRAINING-CHILDREN 60min Follow Master Cho step-by-step. Learn how to instruct, control and inspire children.

Tape 16- DYNAMIC WEIGHT LIFTING 120min Master Cho teaches different exercises to develop individual muscle groups, making you nothing less than awesome.

Tape 17 COMPLETE TESTING GUIDE 120min White belt through 3rd Dan Black, The physical as well as the philosophical aspects of a belt test.

Tape 18- EIGHTH ANNUAL L.A. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP, VOL. 1 60min Black Belt competition and team fighting.

Tape 18- EIGHTH ANNUAL L.A. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP, VOL. 2 60 Children’s events, weapons competition, Master’s demonstrations, American Freestyle, 9 musical patterns & forms.

Tape 19- A COMPLETE LOOK AT MASTER CHO’S TAPE LIBRARY 60min What it takes to be : The Complete Martial Artist Entertaining as well as enthralling.(Tapesl-18) Tape 20- BOXING BEGINNERS & ADVANCED 80 .

Boxing Techniques, stances and movements in slow-motion and full-speed.

Tape 21 ADULT’S DEFENSE WORKOUT 60min For the non-martial artist! Easy effective self defense techniques linked to an intensive workout.


Tape 22 ADULTS SELF DEFENSE 60min For both the martial artist and non-martial artist. Practical techniques involving joint locking and counter attack.

Tape 23A TENTH ANNUAL LA. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS. VOL1 60min Junior and adult sparring, black belt sparring, Grand Championship match and more.

Tape 23B- TENTH ANNUAL LA. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS, VOL.2 60- Forms competition, women’s sparring, masfer’s c/emonstralic Tape 2 W.T.F. TAE GEUK HYUNG 60min The official Patterns of the WTF Tae Geuk 1-8 as well as Kor the first black belt pattern.

Tape 25 CHILDREN’S MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING- 61 BEGINNERS Basics include meditation, warm-up, stretching, stances, bloc attacks, and kicks.

Tape 26 CHILDREN’S MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING- 6( INTERMEDIATE Combination techniques including block/punching, fighting, intermediate kicking and stick exercises.

Tape 27- CHILDREN’S MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING- 60 ¦ . ADVANCED Hand techniques, advanced kicking, kicking combinations, and target training.

Tape 28 CHILDREN’S MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING- 60- SELF DEFENSE A must! Escaping from bear hug wrist grabs, shoulder grabs, head locks, and restraining hole Tape 29 CHILDREN’S MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING- 60 SPARRING & BREAKING Sparring, arranged sparring, sparring training, jumping and board Dreaking.

Tape 30 HIGHLIGHTS OF TAPES 20-29 60min A collection of the most exciting moments from Master Cho’s library, tapes 20-29 Tape 31 W.T.F. BLACK BELT HYUNG 60-,n 65 Pg Color Catalog For Only $5.00! 2ND DAN to 9TH DAN WTF black belt patterns including Geu Gang, Tae-Baek, Pyeong-Won, Sip-Jin, Ji-Tae, Cheon-Kwon, Han-Soo, and ll-Yeo.

Tape 32- THE SCIENTIFIC STRETCH 90min Learn Isometric, Plyometric, and static stretching.

Tape 33 W.T.F. BEGINNERS 90min The defensive/offensive foot work and all the basic kicks.

Tape 34- W.T.F. INTERMEDIATE 70min All foot work and kicks combined to form an effective methoi training.

Tape 35 W.T.F. ADVANCED 90min Learn accuracy, distance, and timing of kicks/jump kicks wit! The use of targets.

Tape 36-W.T.F. SPARRING 90min Counterattacks, enticing, faints, and tournaments. Master Ch also discusses a weakness in the W.T.F. Style.

Tape 37- SCIENTIFIC CLASSES- BEGINNERS & INTERMEDIATE 90m -Instructors and students learn a new scientific class for all sty! Tape 38- SCIENTIFIC CLASSES- ADVANCED 90mm Instructors and students learn a new scientific class for all styl Tape 39 CHO’S TKD GRAND OPENING Exciting demonstrations by Master Cho’s students. Includes patterns, sparring and breaking! Tape 40 SYBERVISION-DEFEND YOURSELF 60 min. 10 Master’s Moves.

Tape 41-AIMAA INTERNATIONAL TESTING 1992 15 min. Unique guide to all martial artists, white to 5th degree black celt.

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