Grandmaster Kyong Myong Lee

Written by Grandmaster Kyong Myong Lee, a professor of Sports Diplomacy at Chungcheong College ‘ nd a certified World Taekwondo Federation ninth dan, this 300 page full color, coffee table sized book offers B panoramic overview of Tae Kwon Do. In the book’s forward, former WfF president Dr. Un Yong Kim praises the author for his work in Tae Kwon Do and for propagating the art through his numerous books on Korean martial arts. Featured in the book are chapters on Tae Kwon Dos…

History: Roots of Korean Martial Arts and detailed information about the rowth of TKD pirit & cal and int as the ancient philosophy of the Art Principles: The 3 Principles of TKD and its 5 Components Poomse: Step-by-step directions of

F forms and their historic meaning Olympic Sport: Understanding com-petition rules, sparring stances, stepping, and more Kukkiwon: Its history and future And More!

This incredible text, with its excellent writing and beauti-ful photographs of Tae Kwon Do techniques and events, as well as Korean life and culture, will please the most discriminating martial artist.

Truly One of the Best books Ever Written for Students of TaeKwonDo! It’s a Comprehensive Look at all Aspects of Sparring and How To Become the

Complete TaeKwonDo Fighter. Explosive Attacks Competition Physiology Attaining Peak Performance Diet & Nutrition Mental Training Mind-Body Connection Stance footwork Strategic & Tactical Techniques Offensive & Defensive Tactics Focus & Self-Control Warm-Up Exercises Systematic Training Coaching A Champion And More!


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For.information or foreign orders please call: (563)355-5452 ENTERPRISES, IN Martial Art Products For Thf New Use Order Form on page 86 Written by Brigadier General Robert Martinueau. A 25 year student of Tae Kwon Do. With Grandmaster Tae Eun Lee, WTF Technical Director.

MASTEPING TAEKWONDO SPARPING has over 400 pages and 300 photographs.

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