Han Do Group

All Korean Style Martial Artists The Han Do Group is an umbrella organization under the leadership of Dr. He-Young Kimm who is dedicated to the needs of serious praction-ers of Korean Martial Arts. The Hand Do Group provides technical support, curriculum development advice, and ranking assistance for the following arts: Han Mu Do Grandmaster He-Young Kimm Yudo Grandmaster Byung Tae Lim Hapkido Grandmaster Jung Doo Han TaeKwonDo Professor Sergio Chavez Taek Kyun Grandmaster Kyung Hwa Jung Son Do Grandmaster Han Put Sun Sa Son Mu Do Grandmaster Jeog Un Seol MuyeDobo Tong Ji Grandmaster Dong Kyu Im For further information, contact: The Han Do Group; 4816 Jamestown Ave.; Baton Rouge, LA 70808; Telephone: (225) 924-2837; Fax: (225) 924-4054; E-Mail: info@hanmudo.com Dr. He-Young Kimm Presents: Han Mu Do – $89.00 (864 pages-Techniques up to 5th Degree Black Belt) Wo rid HanMuDo Association Members Only’ Hapkido II- $89.00 (864 pages – Techniques up to 5th Degree Black Belt) TaeKwonDo – $69.00 (488 pages – Techniques up to 5th Degree Black Belt) $99.00 Package Offer Han Mu Do Training Manual (336 pages) Han Mu Do Training Videos (2 videos – 1 hr 20 mm each) (add S16.00 for PAL Video format) Philosophy of Masters- $89.00 (768 pages – Martial Arts Philosophy) Hapkido Bible – $89.00 (768 pages – Techniques up to 5th Degree Black Belt) Kuk Sool Classic – $89.00 (760 pages – Techniques up to 5th Degree Black Belt) To Order send check or money order to : H.Kimm; 4816 Jamestown Avenue; Baton Rouge

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