HG Wells Suite, Woking

On 20th August Jesse Saunders and Gary Turner held a successful novice to B-class show at the HG Wells Suite in Woking. HG Wells is a nice venue for small shows and look out for the next ZS Promotions show here in January.

The main fight was between Aaron Winters from Keddles Gym and Leroy Morgado of Nongkee Pahuyuth and this was a well-matched fight. Winters was first to score with low kicks before the fighters went into the clinch, where Morgado threw the better knees. Winters threw Morgado but the fighters went back into the clinch and

Morgado continued to score well with his right knee to Winter’s abdomen. Winters came back with a nice jumping knee and then a good catch and drop. Winters scored again with a low kick before Morgado grabbed hold and continued to knee. Winters swept Morgado but Morgado replied with a low kick to end the round.

At the start of the second Winters attacked Morgado with venom, throwing a barrage of low kicks. There was a moment of confusion when Morgado’s trainer jumped up to the side of the ring and pushed Winters back. Unfortunately Morgado’s arm had dislocated and his trainer had jumped in to prevent further damage. That was sadly the end of what was hotting up to be a great fight, with Winters winning by disqualification.

The other 5 round bout on the night was between the upcoming and ever exciting Jason Woodham from Mungkorn Dam in Southend and Nomads’Anwar.

Crawley’s Tom Key took on Woking’s Danny Frissen and the fighters cancelled each other out in the clinch in the first round. In the second though Key piled on the pressure with a barrage of knees resulting in Frissen getting an eight count. Frissen was unable to continue and Tom

Key the winner.

OTHER RESULTS FROM THE SHOW: 95kg+ 3×2 mins: Fiaz Mir (Woking) beat

Clive Allison (Grai Jong) on points 82kg 3×2 mins: Ian Coe (Minotaurs) beat Robbo (Crawley) on points 64kg 3×2 mins: Dave Trotter (Saints) beat Mark Fowler (Keddles) on points 72kg 3×2 mins: Richie Green (Diablo) beat Johnny Betts (Newbury) on points 76kg 3×2 mins: Jon Reece (Crawley) beat Paolo Milano (Peacocks) on points Milano has asked for a rematch! 73Kg 3×2 mins: Nick Lawrence (Woking) beat Gil (Diablo) on points 64kg 3×2 mins: Mike Lezama (Diablo) beat Dan Connaughton (Crawley) on points There was another good fight between two young fighters, Wayne Pinney of Devils Thai and Joe Dome of Mungkom Dam. The taller Pinney threw hard kicks to Dome’s body to take the first round. The second was a faster pace with constant kicking by both fighters, Pinney going high, Dome scoring with low kicks. Despite a cut above Pinney’s left eye and a nice catch and drop by Dome in the third, Pinney went on to take the bout on points.

This fight was a war, with both fighters going at each other straight from the opening bell with punch and kick combinations. Woodham was always going forward but Anwar used his extra range well to land shots. In the second round Woodham caught Anwar clean on the jaw with a textbook right hand and Anwar was unable to beat the count. Woodham the winner by second round KO.

Woking’s Brett Tefry faced Minotaurs Sam Wells in an entertaining, technically competent C class bout. Tefry started well, firing in two hard low kicks but Wells took hold and landed a lot of low kicks. This was an interesting fight pitching the thin and wiry awkward slippery style of

Wells against the stocky and powerful Tefry. In the second round Tefry was throwing the better punches but none were landing clean. Wells had the better of the second round with kicks evening up Tefry taking the first. The third started with a high pace, Wells trying to duck and weave his way through Tefry’s punches. The judges couldn’t pick a winner and the fight was declared a draw.

In an entertaining junior bout Matt Bell of Newbury Thai fought Sukhothai Bournemouth’s Ryan Cole. Cole was the aggressor throughout the first, throwing a lot of punches. Both fighters were light on their feet and Cole threw a nice high kick that just clipped Bell’s chin. Bell started the second better landing a teep and then low kick, Cole though took control in the second half of the round pushing forward with kicks. The third was a good round by both fighters and a high kick just on the final bell caught Bell on the jaw. Cole the winner on points.

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