How to Master Dim Mak Pressure Points

Dr Pier Tsui-Po, Grandmaster of the Golden Lion Martial Arts Academy, reveals the secrets of authentic Dim Mak for self defence and healing. With 38 years of martial arts experience, a qualified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, he is a leading authority on this ancient martial technique. You can benefit from his wealth of knowledge in the following ways: How to protect your Centreline THE CENTRELINE OF DIM MAK an instructional video by Dr Pier Tsui-Po The Centreline is one of Dim Mak’s most powerful strategies. It is said ‘In order to destroy the enemy, one must destroy its centre.1 This video reveals why the Centreline is a jewel worth protecting and a vulnerable target to attack with clear demonstration of the most effective pressure points – how to find them and how to use special Dim Mak techniques. 60 minutes. £62.00 plus £6.00 postage.

THE TWO DRAGONS OF DIM MAK a new textbook by Dr Pier Tsui-Po Details for the first time, how some Dim Mak pressure points have two aspects – one for healing, one for defence. In this book you’ll learn where these points are, how to quickly locate them, when and how to use them in self-defence and healing, why they work so well and practical techniques you can use on them. A ‘must have’ for both martial arts and healing practitioners alike. Large format 20 x 27cm. Softbound. £2 7.00 plus £6.00 postage.

THE ART & SCIENCE OF DEADLY PRESSURE POINT FIGHTING by Dr Pier Tsui-Po The definitive manual concerning Dim Mak.

Comprehensively detailed and accurate in all aspects of the location and workings of pressure points, this is the major reference work on this subject. Consisting 546 pages (21 x 29cm) of quality information, including real life cases of people struck on pressure points and a tutorial to assist in the learning process. £280.00 if you order this month you’ll pay only £.210.00 (SAVE £70.00) plus £25.00 postage.

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