How You Can Boost Your Performance

How You Can Boost Your Performance and improve your powers of concentration at the same time! It took us 18 months of painstaking research to blend this unique product, which is perfect for helping you to maintain incentration and to give you that desperately ?eded energy boost in the final stages of a uelling, competition or training session.

Nale Boost is made from Glucose and Caffeine. Comes packed in handy sachets. Each sachet hen added to water makes the most delicious )la flavoured performance drink you’ve ever ad, with no bubbles.

Caffeine is a legally allowed stimulant and Finale Dost falls well within the legally permitted limit ir a ‘smart’ drink. Research has shown that more iffeine does not necessarily mean more improved srformance. The secret is in establishing the )rrect amount for maximum effect.

E have done that. Glucose is the only fuel the ‘ain can use so when blended with caffeine you in see what a potent combination it is.

Is manufactured by the U.K’s longest established jpplier of sports supplements.

At it’s not only Martial Artists who benefit, it’s eal for anyone who needs to stay alert for a specific period of time. For instance, any one ho drives long distances, students, late night ancers etc.

RY BEFORE YOU BUY! We are so confident that you will be delighted ith the effects of this product that we are -epared to supply you with a FREE sample achet so that you can try the product before )u buy it.

Flavour Size


Finale Boost



Tel: (in case of query).

Address: au will also receive a FREE report on the eneficial effects of caffeine and glucose. Ffer strictly limited to one sachet per person.

As National coach to the Great Britain team for WAKO the largest Kickboxing Organisation in the World) and the president of the WFKKO, I have many responsibilities, one of which is diet,nutrition and supplementation. This area is vital to the finely tuned athlete, the same as high octane fuel is to a jetplane.

No matter how much exercise a fighter goes through, if they do not have a good eating plan their bodies will not perform, peak at the correct time and will certainly not recover well.

I have introduced several of my fighters to Allsports products. Each fighter is an individual and so their needs differ. Allsports extensive range allows us to discuss areas of weakness or areas that just need a boost and to add the correct natural ingredients.

Although I could go through a long list of products and their benefits I would like to say that I tried the product ‘Finale Boost’ on myself and my fighters against many other products which claim to give high energy levels, in which it clearly came out top.

My two ladv Kickboxers who I train personally have recently returned from the World Games in Germany, they achieved Gold and Silver after meeting in the final.What a result! Both these girls have been the subjects in testing of SRJ, Amino Load and Only Whey along with Finale


The girls have found that if Finale Boost is taken 40 minutes before a major fight, their energy levels are at their highest. As it states they actually feel a ‘BOOST’!

This is an essential factor, because as the rounds go on the fighter tires. I seem to se a consistent level in my fighters with this product.

Kerry-Louise our current World Professional Kickboxing Champion used this product in her warm up fight in Oxford where she eased her way through 5 rounds of kickboxing to win Unanimously! We wish her good luck in her WAKO title fight in Norway.

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