Instructors Seminars

The TAGB are holding 3 nation wide instructors seminars for all their instructors and assistant instructors to make sure that all their TAGB schools teach the same syllabus throughout the UK. The first of these was held on Saturday February 25th at the Bradley Stoke Sports Centre,

Bristol, with 250 instructors and their assistants attending it. The seminar was conducted by Master David Oliver 7th dan, Master Michael Dew 7th dan, Master Paul Donnelly 7th dan, Master Don Atkins 7th dan, Master Gianni Peros 6th dan, Master Brian Towndrow 6th dan. The seminar was split into 2 groups, one concentrating on all the set sparring, which included 3 step sparring, 2 step sparring, 1 step sparring and semi free sparring. The second group concen- trated on all the coloured belt patterns up to Chung Moo. After one and a half hours the groups changed over. Chairman Mr. Oliver said at the start of the training session that he wanted the TAGB to be like McDonalds, if you buy a big mac in Paris it will be exactly the same as the one you buy in New York. He wants the same said of the TAGB schools. He also said it was one of the reasons why the TAGB had been selected to work with one of the worlds largest retailers NESTLE on their recent nation wide breakfast cereal campaign ‘have a go free’.

He went on to inform the assembled masses that it was exciting times for the TAGB and its instructors and schools as the TAGB had now been approached by another large overseas fruit importer to work on a further nation wide health campaign. So it seems all the major supermarkets will again be displaying the TAGB name and logo in the near future.

Only 2 members of the TAGB executive committee could not attend the instructors seminar, Master Kenny Walton 7th dan, was away training the national team for their up coming WTF 4 nations competition in Barcelona. There they will compete against Spain, France and Italy. Master Ron

Sergiew 7th dan was conducting a seminar and grading in Poland for Tae Kwon Do International, which is the world body that the TAGB belong to.

The instructor’s seminar was provided FREE OF CHARGE by the TAGB and, by the time you read this, the 2nd will have been held in the Midlands on 18th March.

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