John Conteh


May 27 1951

World Light-Heavyweight Boxing Champion: 1974-1977

British, Commonwealth and

European Light-Heavyweight Champion: 1973-undefeated

Wembley, October 1, 1974. John Conteh and Jorge Ahumada tangle on the ropes during their contest for the WBC light-heavyweight title vacated by Bob Foster. Conteh proved too strong and skilful for the Argentine over 15 rounds and gave British boxing its greatest night since Randolph Turpin’s victory over Sugar Ray Robinson 23 years earlier.


Won 34 (23 Kos) Lost 4 Drawn 1

Power struggle costs Conteh title

John Conteh enjoyed a two-and-a-half-year reign as the WBC’s light-heavyweight champion, He was stripped of the title in May 1977 for failing to defend it against Mexico’s Miguel Cuello. The authorities wanted the fight to be staged in Monte Carlo, where live broadcast rights could be obtained. Conteh insisted that it take place in England, but the British Boxing Board wouldn’t sanction a live telecast. The Liverpudlian pulled out of the fight at the last minute, and the WBC responded by stripping him of the title. He made three attempts to regain his crown over the following three years, all unsuccessful.

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