Joint Glucosamine: Why the MMA Fighter Might Need It

by Miley Queen

If you are training MMA regularly and hard, your joints are going to be taking a constant beating. Sparring, weight training, and hitting the heavy bag all take their toll on joint health. And then there are painful submission holds – ouch.

Joint glucosamine is a popular remedy primarily used as joint pain treatment. Glucosamine can be naturally found on human joints. But since it is essential on joint repair, a lot of synthetic glucosamine products are now out in the market. It is available on different brands, but some brands might be better than the other. The quality depends on the manufacturer.

glucosamine gelAs a person age, his/her joints begin to degenerate. There is also a decrease in the production of body’s natural glucosamine, thus joint repair can be difficult. This makes osteoarthritis a continuous degenerative disease.

Luckily we now live in the near future, where there are a lot of inventions and new researches are established. Glucosamine can now be derived from seashell shells and made as joint pain treatment. But since it doesn’t come from human itself, there can be side effects.

Possible side effects of glucosamine include flatulence, diarrhea, nausea, heartburn and skin rashes. If you tried this supplement and continues to experience these side effects, you might as well stop taking it. Before trying a new brand, be sure to ask your doctor’s advice.

Joint glucosamine reduces symptoms by facilitating in the maintenance and repair of cartilages. It retains fluid in the cartilage for better joint flexibility and movement. Thus reversing the effects of joint degeneration and promotes renewal of tissues.

Glucosamine can be combined together with chondroitin or MSM (a form of natural sulfur) for better results. Products with different combinations are also available. You just have to know what best suites your needs.

Women who are pregnant should not take a synthetic glucosamine or other products related to it. Person with diabetes and those who have problems regarding blood clotting should also avoid taking this supplement. If so, complications may arise.

Wrongful self prescription can be life threatening. Consulting your doctor before taking any joint pain treatment drugs or supplements is a must. Find a manufacturer which is well-known for this type of treatment. Find a safe yet high quality product. If you want to try joint glucosamine, you should be careful enough for you to have better results.

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