Karate hits the big time with the Big Weekend!

The ‘3 on 3’ and 10K Eliminator Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November 2005 In the Karate world the 10K has been a market leader for the past 3 years, offering a winner take all £10,000 prize and featuring the ‘sexiest’ Karate on the planet, with competitors of the calibre of Leon Walters, Rory Daniels and Fighters cover star Paul Newby. This year, the men behind the two most eagerly anticipated Karate events on the calendar, the 10K and the 3 on 3 are broadening the concept, taking traditionally London based tournaments to Birmingham for a full weekend of top class Karate.

The Saturday will see the invigorating team challenge 3 on 3, whilst the Sunday will be the eliminator for the 10K. Here, the up and coming fighters can test their mettle and see if they have what it takes to strut their stuff on the big stage with the country’s elite athletes.

Promoter Joe Long explained the logic behind the concept and the staging of the event at the ‘Next Generation’ club. ‘The next generation of competitor is very important to us right now, we are loooking lor the next Daniels, Newby and Walters! A Location was important for the Eliminator, as we are trying to attract competitors aged 18-23 from all over the country, the venue is also used for England

Squad Sessions and the younger competitors know the venue. If your 18-23 and are talking the talk, its time to walk the walk! Its time to get involved, the top four competitors will win their place in next years 10k and the overall winner will also walk away with £1,000.’

The 3 On 3 is in its ninth year and hugely popular, due to the team concept and Joe and partner Paul Alderson are looking to build upon the success of the first superbout between superstars Paul Newby and Jason Ledgister by putting on another high profile single fight this year.

They are also looking to expand the 3 On 3 concept with a new format ‘Masters of the Mat’, which will hopefully be premiered at Seni next year.

Joe also went on to explain why the 3 On 3 was moved from its traditional December date. ‘To take the 3on3 away from London for the first time ever due to the terrorist situation in our 9th year will hopefully mean a big return to

London next year for our 10th Anniversary. We always run the 3on3 around the first weekend in December and was not 100% convinced a London venue would be the best location clue to peoples fears following the recent bombings. Due to the Seni Show we have a good relationship with the

NEC who could accommodate the 3on3 on the same weekend as the Eliminator and the rest is history.’

So, if you’re in that age bracket and love your Karate competition get yourself down to Birmingham for the eliminator-who knows where it might lead?

Tickets for both events are available from Fighters Inc on 01375 650833 also both of last years events are available on dvd..3on3 and 10kpriced £75 + £2.50 pap. Call now.

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