Hi, I’m Justo Dieguez, but all my friends like to call me ‘Keysi’, which means ‘you will always be in my heart’. If I had the chance to be reborn I would choose to be myself again, a student of martial arts.

Tell us about ‘Keysi Fighting Method’.

KFM is the art which was born as a training method on a technical psychological and practical level of application following the concepts and principles of Jeet Kune Do. Basically, it is a spiritual journey, so powerful that it can affect your material worid. However, for this you must be ready to look inside yourself and discover it on your own.

Words cannot make it real, only experimentation can make it a reality. This invisible, spiritual journey pretends to fade out some false perceptions and with this you can pass from knowing that you are limited, to knowing that the ultimate reality and your potential are unlimited. Know that some of the things I say will scandalise some and be rejected by others, but I can’t help that. These are my beliefs and they come straight from my heart.

KFM is an incredible transformation, it took me on a journey with results that I can only describe as inexplicable, in other words, I am convinced that another level of experience exists, where we must be willing to reach past the lives that we are used to, arriving at a plain that defies the laws of science and logic. It is an interior place which frees me from ordinary barriers and limitations. No, it’s not about wonderland where you arrive just by using your imagination. It is real and is at the disposal of every one of you. However, so that no one gets confused, KFM is no more and no less than my personal expression of the understanding, development and teaching of Jeet Kune Do.

What do you intend to pass on to your students? That they define their own personality and natural expression.

How would you define KFM? Freedom, spontaneity to achieve the optimal result.

What is KFM’s final goal? Self-defence and personal growth. KFM is not a competition sport. It has been created for combat. For this reason every KFM student understands very clearly the motives for his training. I’m going to tell you a few words that we often repeat, ‘When you train for sport you can allow for a margin of error. In real combat, one simple mistake can lead to defeat or even death’. For this reason you must fully understand the motives for your training. We try to achieve the maximum effectiveness in every sequence eliminating weak positions and movements, even though it is still impossible to guarantee success as you can never be one hundred percent sure that you will not be defeated, something that you must always bear in mind. In real combat, to know that you can be defeated will help you to be careful and will maintain your constant alertness.

How can a student know the difference between a self-defence martial art and a competition martial art?

These terms must be made very clear when a student takes his first steps in the world of martial arts, whether you choose sport or self- defence.

In the first case, sport, there are many rules that you must follow which cannot be changed or modified. Such rules as ways to hit your opponent, where you can hit your opponent, there is a time limit, ways to behave, a referee and a medal if you win.

In the second case, self-defence, there are no rules, no time limit, no limitations and the end can mean life or death. For that very reason self-defence martial arts lean towards hitting weak points on the body, breaking fingers and articulations, at the same time guarding your own weak points. If there is no other way out of a situation the most important thing is to finish victorious, and not to win points. Destroy or be destroyed.

Therefore the final goal of KFM is the destruction of the opponent? KFM does not look for the destruction of the opponent as a final goal. KFM is a tribute to life, to the person and to human rights. For us, there is nothing more important than the respect for life. The end goal of KFM is to achieve a high level of self security, to know what resources are available and to make sure our reactions are fast and effective, but not to use them except for the unfortunate circumstances when we have to use them.

Does your way of working affect your work in other areas? Training under great masters like Dan Inosanto, Bob Breen, and Herman Suwauda, I found the language that I was looking for to express myself to the best of my ability. KFM is influenced very strongly by the teachings of other masters, there are neither strong deviations nor novelties, simply a deep investigation in a predetermined path, which for me, is the best way of working.

What place does Guru Dan hold in all of this? Guru Dan is the pinnacle of expression in Jeet Kune Do in the world, the biggest genius that I have met. Only Guru Dan has what I believe a genius should have. In KFM there is a constant tribute to great man.

Justo Dieguez, founder of the Keysi Fighting Method Have you had the opportunity to internationalise yourself? It depends. If internationalising myself means exposing myself to an open market, then no I would not be willing to do it. Making art has to be done without worrying about anything else. If I wanted to expose myself to an international market at any price I would not have chosen a career so rich in concepts and methodically structured like KFM.

What is a seminar like? ‘m quite frugal in seminars. The most important thing to me in a seminar is that all the concepts are fully understood by those who attend and that these people who have invested time and money coming to one of my seminars go home satisfied.

Is there anything you would like to add to finish? Believe in what you do. The most important factor to feel good about yourself is to trust in and enjoy what you are doing. Doing what you do well does not mean that you have to be at the top of the chain. For me, to do what you do well is to pass on your knowledge the best you can.

I’m not a fighter, I am an interpreter of my own way of understanding martial arts.

KEYSI U.K. WORKSHOPS Workshops are for those who may not wish to take part in a full Instructor Programme but would still like to participate and study the crosstraining. They are specially designed days that will give you the opportunity to study in-depth all ranges of combat. The objective is to supply you with well constructed information for you to train and then take home and study.


WORKSHOPS 2002 Sunday 13th January 2002 Sunday 3rd March 2002 Sunday 7th April 2002 Sunday 8th September 2002 Sunday 6th October 2002 Sunday 3rd November 2002 ¦ft about the… INSTRUCTOR PROGRAMME

The Keysi Instructor Programme is a continuous process of self-development. It is designed to help you expand your personal knowledge of the many amazing arts available to the modern day martial artist. Working through a carefully constructed crosstraining syllabus you will work to improve all areas of combat.

The first part of the Course consists of six full weekends spaced over a six month period so as to give you time to study and train. Rank will definitely not be given through attendance only. You will be required to achieve a specified level to pass the first phase. This course is not for the fainthearted, you will be required to work, and work hard! If you would like to be part of this fast growing professional team who’s specific aim is geared towards training and the personal development of all involved then contact the KEYSI U.K. NATIONAL CENTRE Instructor Course is supported by full INSTRUCTOR MANUALS printed and laid out in lesson plan format for ease of use. Also full REFERENCE VIDEOS accompany the manuals.

INSTRUCTOR COURSE 2002 1) Saturday 9th + Sunday 10th February 2002 2) Saturday 23rd + Sunday 24th March 2002 3) Saturday 27th + Sunday 28th April 2002 4) Saturday 25th + Sunday 26th May 2002 5) Saturday 6th + Sunday 7th July 2002 6) Saturday 10th + Sunday 11th August 2002

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL KEYSI U.K. NATIONAL CENTRE ON 01482-649243 or visit us at www. Keysi-uk.com

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