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Type of promotion: Thai Boxing Governing/Sanctioning body: World Muay Thai Organisation WMTO Years established: 10 years Personal background: I have trained in many martial arts since I started with judo at 8 years old. I started Thai Boxing quite late and had my first fight at 26 years of age. I started promoting because there were no Thai boxing shows held in Birmingham and my fighters were constantly getting stitched up and over matched by the local kickboxing promoters. The first shows were very difficult to promote as no one knew what Thai boxing was. The first few show lost money, but after a while my K-Star gym started to build a local following and we started filling St Teresa’s, the local working men’s club that we now use for our smaller shows. I then moved onto a much bigger venue, the Tower ballroom where I hold most of my shows now.

Size/scale of promotions: Most of my shows are now held at the Tower ballroom in Birmingham, the venue holds around 1200 people and we always get a big crowd. Most of my shows are filmed to be shown on channel 5’s ‘Night of Combat’ show. I regularly hold title fights and international fights.

Named fighters on your promotions: Damien Trainor, Jason Richards, Gav the Man, Kaish Banger, Yogendra Parekh, Liam Harrison, Mark Beale, Frank Lobman (Holland), Nordin El-Otmani (Holland) Reece Crooke, Kieran Keddle, Frankie Huddrs, Chris Price, Eval Denton, Martin Horgan (Ireland) Nlal Brennan (Ireland) Chris McDonald, Nagin Guru Naidu, Issy Duru, Mathew Johnson, Mark Lee, Chris Heyniman (Belguium) Jonathan Muayal (France, Amateur silver medallist) Shaun Johnson. Sorry to anyone that I have left out, there have been so many top names over the years! Most memorable fight promoted: K-star Grand prix, where I got fighters from all martial arts to compete against each other in a grand prix. I had fighters from Wing Chun Kung Fu, freestyle Karate, Kickboxing, Tae Kwondo and Thai Boxing compete, with £2,200 in prize money, which was pretty good at the time. I had a lot of problems with the other martial artists, as I only wanted fighters under 60kg. It was memorable because, as far as I know, no one else had done that kind of event in this country. It drew a big crowd and, my fighter Damien Trainor won! I was really pleased with how well all the Thai Boxers did and I felt that I did a great job to promote Thai Boxing above the other martial arts.

The other memorable fight was Holland’s Frank The Animal’ Lobman against Shaun Johnson, they were both former World Champions and it was for the first WMTO European title.

New names to look out for: Jason Richards is a really underrated fighter that people should look out for over the next 2 years.

Personal promoter’s philosophy: I just try to put on the best show possible and if a main fighter pulls out I try to let the fans know so that

I am not falsely promoting (which is very hard to do) Future aims and ambitions: Just to keep promoting Thai Boxing as well as I can for as long as I can.

Contact details: Steve Logan email

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