Traditional Martial Arts of Korea Presented by Founder & Grandmaster INHYUK SUH Train with the Grandmaster, the founder of KUK SOOL WON. The officially recognized Martial Art of Korea. Train with KUK SOOL WON’S 10th degree black belt, IN HYUKSUH.

Grandmaster Suh has trained more than 500 martial artists to master level. In 1984 he was Black Belt Magazine’s Man of the Year.

After over 50 years of reasearch and practice, Grandmaster Suh combined the most vital elements of 31 ancient Korean martial arts into one comprehensive system and in 1958 founded KUK SOOL WON.

This vast knowledge and expertise is now available through a series of six live action, full color DVD’s , along with the KUK SOOL

WON TEXTBOOKS, written by the Founder and Grandmaster of KUK SOOL WON.

DVD -$35.OO EACH $ 100.00 for Any Three $180.00 for All Six DVD 1 Kuk Sool History, basic exercises and techniques.

DVD 2 Basic throwing forms, grabbing and sparring techniques.

DVD 3 Pressure Points, intermediate techniques and street fighting.

DVD 4 Intermediate self-edfence techniques and forms.

DVD 5 Advanced Throwing, choking and knife defense, and forms. 3- 1 IOS.J SOOL WOS. »¦ DVD 6 Kuk Sool Won Traditional Weapons.

KUK SOOL WON TEXTBOOKS VOLUME H2- $59.95 Each Written by Grandmaster IN HYUK SUH. Includes all techniques and forms. The prefect complement to the video series. Over 1000 photos in over 200 pages.

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