The elbow is a small and hard bone that is very useful for striking. Because of the elbow’s proximity to the body, it is primarily a short-range weapon. There are different types of 52 Blocks elbow strikes: those that travel horizontally across the target, those that travel diagonally up or down, and those that travel vertically up or down. There are also the back elbow and spinning back-elbow strike.

Exercise 1—Power Experiment with increasing the power of the elbow strike by taking a short step for momentum. How can you avoid overextending your center of gravity when impacting with the elbow strike? Practice the horizontal elbow strike on the heavy bag with and without a step for momentum. Increase the power of the elbow strike by striking straight on; avoid sliding the elbow against the target. Experiment with the use of momentum through alternating elbow strikes.

Exercise 2—Targets Practice the upward and downward elbow strikes on focus mitts held by a part- strikes on mitts held by a partner. How can you make the combination fluent from one elbow strike to the other without sacrificing body mechanics? Experiment with adjusting for proper distance and compensating for your opponent’s movement. Identify your opponent’s reaction to an elbow strike thrown to the body. When would you choose to throw this strike to the body rather than to the head? Ner. Experiment with striking through the target by dropping your weight or springing from your knees like you would with an uppercut. Identify targets for the upward and downward elbow strike. Many schools teach the downward elbow strike to the back of the neck. For variation, grab your opponent’s hair and bend back his upper body. Throw the downward elbow to the front of his throat.

Exercise 3—Combinations Put together combinations of horizontal, upward, downward and spinning elbow

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