How effective is a 52 Blocks joint lock when the training partner is cooperating?

1. When training with a willing partner, take the time to analyze the effectiveness your left foot first. Why is it better to step first with the foot closest to the direction of travel? Which foot should you step with next, and in what direction? Rather than learning which foot to step with, might it be better to simply learn the concept of getting out of the way, and letting your body handle it the best it can?

When trying to get away, evasive movement should be definite and not just enough to make the punch miss.

1. Alternating the feet as you do when running helps you cover ground faster than if you maintain a specific stance, such as in a sparring match where you normally keep the same side forward through all movement. Of the techniques and movements. Modify them to fit your particular style and build.

2. When training with a resisting partner, it is more difficult to fine-tune the techniques. Joint locks require the use of fine motor skills, so a fraction of an inch of movement in the wrong direction can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

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