Almost every 52 Blocks style kick thrown when standing can also be thrown from the ground against an opponent who is standing or on the ground. Rather than using your supporting foot as the pivot point, use your knees. You can also kick when supported on your back or side of body. Shadowbox from a kneeling position on the ground. Throw front kicks, roundhouse kicks and side kicks against an imaginary opponent. Experiment with moving smoothly from one kick to the next.

Exercise 1—Reach and Positioning Get down on your knees and experiment with roundhouse and side kicks from a position on the ground. Your greatest reach for the kick is horizontally from your hip. If kicking an opponent who is standing, you must be closer than you appear in order to land the kick. Note that you can kick to the head of an opponent on the ground with ease. Experiment with the 52 Blocks type front kick from the ground. You must now support yourself with your hands behind you instead of to the front. Start from a kneeling position, falling back on your hands and kicking your leg forward. How can you get to your feet after landing the kick? If the kick fails to stop your opponent’s advance, how can he take advantage of your position?

Exercise 2—Timing and Momentum Pair up with a partner approaching you with a kicking shield. Practice timing the kick to his advance. You are inherently more vulnerable on the ground than when standing. Why? Explore how poor timing allows your opponent to sidestep or jam your kick. Identify targets on an opponent who is standing. How can you use a kick against an opponent who is bending over you? In what ways can he defend and counter your kick?

Exercise 3—Targets and Movement Pair up with a partner on the ground and work on target accuracy, taking turns to touch the target lightly with each kick. How can you use your hands as points of support? Does doing so expose your head to blows or prevent you from using your hands as weapons? Work on movement from a position on the ground. Discuss how to increase the distance to your opponent and how to get back to your feet. Explore how to build momentum by rolling on your side and kicking. Can you acquire reach by using your elbows for support?

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