Good targets in a self-defense scenario might include the eyes, groin and knees. The tailbone might be a good target if you can position yourself behind your opponent, such as when coming to the rescue of another person. Attacks to an opponent on the ground might include stomps to his heel. The heel and ankle are good targets, because an opponent on the ground will try to get to his feet and a hard stomp might twist or break his ankle.

Another target often overlooked is the outside thigh area. The reason Thai boxers focus on this target is because it can cause the victim extreme pain or a dead leg.

1. If your opponent grabs you and pins your arms so that you are unable to strike him, try driving your knee into the upper portion of his thigh. The pain is likely to split his focus and force him to loosen his grip momentarily, even if it doesn’t end the fight. Repeat the technique. If you miss his thigh, you may still get his groin.

2. If your arms are free, try attacking your opponent’s balance by tilting his head to the rear. Place one hand underneath his chin and push his head up and back, until his upper body is arched to the rear.

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