52 Blocks style fighters are commonly headhunters. Target accuracy and an ability to take varied targets is important to the successful outcome of the fight. When practicing kicks in the air, be aware of the target you are kicking and the purpose of the kick. Be precise. Rather than thinking front kick high, think front kick to the chin. Aim for targets that are consistent with your own height. You can visualize specific targets for your 52 Blocks techniques by creating different scenarios and positions for your imaginary opponent. Rather than thinking side kick high, middle, low, try side kick to the chin, solar plexus, and knee. The more specific you are, the easier it is to visualize your aim.

Exercise 1—Effective Targets 52 Blocks Power strikes to targets on your opponent’s centerline are likely to cause serious injury or death. Identify all targets on the centerline (nose, mouth, throat, heart, solar plexus, groin, back of neck, spine, tailbone). Identify the most appropriate strikes and kicks for these targets. Explore how to strike your opponent’s tailbone. What types of strikes would you use? How would you get in position to throw them? Explore how to attack your opponent’s Achilles’ tendon. When would be a good time to stomp on this target?

Exercise 2—Defense Identify times when you might need to defend against two strikes simulta- neously. How can you do so without jeopardizing your balance or power? For example, blocking a low kick with your leg and simultaneously blocking a strike with your arm could prevent you from using the strength of your stance to absorb the force of the blows. Target awareness plays a crucial role when controlling distance. Experiment with distance and how your opponent reacts to specific techniques. Not all punches and kicks work equally well from all distances. Identify strikes that are more effective at close range and strikes that are more effective at long range. How can you protect an injured body part while continuing with your offense?

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