We all know there is no magic answer to losing weight but wearing a Sauna Suit is claimed to help you reduce weight without needing to use drugs, supplements, or diet pills. Sauna Suits are used for weight loss and conditioning by professional athletes. Amateur athletes and enthusiasts alike. The theory is that wearing the Sauna Suit will make you sweat and this may increase the rate at which your body burns fat.

So first you need to sweat and that typically means taking part in some son of physical activity such as training, walking the dog. Gardening, or even housework.

Wearing the Sauna Suit may also benefit an athlete who weighs in slightly heavy on the day of competition, though you need to use your common sense, of course!

For example, wearing a Sauna Suit is not a good idea if you are a diabetic who often experiences a ‘hyper’ when exercising. Otherwise, begin by wearing your suit for a short period to get used to it. After just a short while, you will likely find that you forget you are even wearing it!

Wear jogging bottoms and a long-sleeve tee over the top of your Sauna Suit and no-one will know you are using it. Most Sauna Suit customers just wear the top because they want to lose weight from around the mid-section. In that case, wear a hoodie or sweat shirt over the top and you’ll be able to take part in pretty much all training exercises including jogging, cycling, and even sparring -without being inhibited.

Sauna Suits have a secondary benefit too and that is – the perspiration they encourage helps rid your body of toxins. But never forget that your body is losing perspiration when you wear a Sauna Suit, so drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

The Sauna Suit traps body heat so it’s a great way of keeping the body warm in very cold conditions such as you might come across when hiking or skiing for example. It’s a great survival suit too if you’re going camping, or driving along a secluded highway during the winter!

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