Mastering Tae Knwondo Kicks

Roundhouse kick

Use a heavy bag to increaseTTiclang power.

Kick at a piece of paper held by a training partner to perfect your control. Do not kick the piece of paper out of your partner’s hand.

Common Mistakes

Not turning the body enough. It is important to fully turn your body once your knee is up prior to executing the kick.

Not fully rotating your base leg (leg on the ground) 180-degrees for maximum power.


Weapon: Heel and Blade of foot / Knife of foot Target: Mid-section or face Snap-Kick or Thrust-Kick: Thrust-kick (strike target and hold for a brief moment) Training Tips

As with the basic front-kick and basic side-kick start out using a bar for balance so that you are able to focus on each individual step.

When chambering your leg, make sure that it is as close to your body as possible for the most power.

About the Author: Jesse Dean Crawfis is a freelance writer and martial arts instructor based in Michigan. Mr. Crawfis holds black belts in Tae

Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Okinawan Karate. To contact Mr. Crawfis visit jessedeancrawfis or email jessedeancra

To build the leg muscles for the side-kick

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