MMA Attacking Strategies in Back Position

Properly implementing the back position results in probably the most dominating situations in Mixed martial arts because there is very little the adversary can carry out in defence. The opponent will consequently attempt everything never to be trapped in this manner.

Turtle to back position

The mma fighter initially secures the turtle position by lowering their bodyweight on to their opponent’s back and hooking one arm about their body. The fighter’s inside knee is positioned extremely near and parallel to the opponent’s body whilst standing on their other leg to give additional balance.

mma back position

The opponent has their elbows near to their knees in a protective posture to stop the fighter from attaining a leg hook. To maneuver the opponent’s elbows, the fighter attacks their head using a punch. As the opponent defends themselves using their arm, the fighter implements their initial leg hook, spins the opponent onto their back and employs a choke.

  • The fighter secures the turtle position by lowering their bodyweight on to their opponent’s lower back and hooking their arm about them. The fighter’s inside knee is positioned parallel to the opponent’s body and additional balance is obtained with the outside foot on the floor. The fighter’s free arm is retracted in readiness to try a strike.
  • The fighter implements a punch to the opponent’s facial area whilst retaining their elbows in a leg hook defence placement near to their knees.
  • The opponent brings their arm in the direction of their head to guard against an additional hit towards the face.
  • The fighter takes the opportunity created in order to slip their outside foot inside of and round the opponent’s hip to risk-free the initial hook.
  • Then repeats and obtains their second leg hook. The fighter implements a choke hold by positioning one arm around their opponent’s neck, another on their head, and contracting their arms together.

Stopping an opponent from countering the back position

With the opponent in the turtle position, and the fighter in the established back placement using their legs hooked round the inside of their opponent’s hip and legs, the opponent must stand up and shake them off before they are able to utilize some other strategies. To stop this, the fighter wraps their arm round the leg the opponent is attempting to stand upon.

  • The fighter obtains the turtle position by disseminating their bodyweight over the opponent’s lower back and wrapping one arm about their body.
  • The fighter attacks their opponent’s head, requiring them to shield. By getting their elbow forwards, the opponent generates an area that the fighter makes use of to implement their initial leg hook.
  • The next hook is employed by the fighter getting their other leg above their opponent’s body.
  • The opponent attempts to stand up to get rid of the fighter off their back by pressing on to their palms and one leg.
  • As soon as the opponent pops up on to one foot, the mma fighter grabs their leg by wrapping their arm around it, efficiently. Stopping them from standing up any more.

Flattening the opponent in the turtle position

With the opponent in the turtle situation and the fighter in the back control position, the fighter forces their opponent’s entire body level to the floor. This is accomplished through the fighter having to wrap his or her legs around their opponent’s sides, driving back using their thighs and towards the floor using their hips. When the opponent is flat, the fighter can either apply punches or a choke hold.

  • The fighter secures the back control position by wrapping both their legs around their opponent’s hips and their arms around the opponent’s chest.
  • The fighter pushes their legs back and their hips towards the ground.
  • While the opponent is flat on the mat, the fighter straightens as they continue to push their hips towards the ground.
  • The fighter applies punches to the side of their opponent’s head.

Arm bar from back control position

When sitting down, the mma fighter has their adversary within the back position with both feet positioned on their inner thigh. By turning themselves in the direction of where the arm bar is going to be utilized, the fighter positions their leg from the same side on their opponent’s hip. The other leg is positioned over the opponent’s head and the arm bar employed with the opponent’s thumb directed to the ceiling. The fighter sits behind their opponent with their feet on their opponent’s inner thigh.

The mma fighter rotates into the side where the arm bar will be applied and also places their foot on their opponent’s outer hip to assist with the movement. The fighter holds the arm to which the arm bar will be applied. While continuing to rotate, the fighter slips their other arm over the opponent’s head.

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