MMA Conditioning With Kettlebells

Kettlebell exercises are a good choice for MMA conditioning work as they often engage your whole body (or most of the upper or lower body) in one exercise. The Kettlebell Swing is an excellent illustration. The Kettlebell Reverse Grip Bent-Over Row is yet another example of this, whereby you are moving the weight by means of your biceps, forearms as well as shoulders, and stabilizing one’s body with the leg muscles and lower back. A lot of these movements are quite intense and are as a consequence good at yielding an increased anabolic hormone release greater than what could possibly be expected by an isolation exercise (for example the Overhead Cable Curl). It is important to make compound kettlebell movements, the foundation of one’s conditioning training program since they are by far the most effectual strategy to improve your body composition, stamina, power and strength.

MMA Conditioning With Kettlebells2For movements like the kettlebell swing, the quest to become more powerful must come together with proper exercise technique. Otherwise, you can end up injuring your lower back as opposed to what you want, which is to make your body stronger and more powerful. Total body freeweight movements like the kettlebell swing not only enable you to stimulate the posterior chain effectively, but also trigger natural chemical compounds in your body which enable you to increase muscle size faster.

  • If you decide to use a free weight movement such as the kettlebell clean and press to get in condition, you must also work out the opposite muscle groups. If you don’t, you can get strength imbalances.
  • 4-5 sets for each strength training session is all you need in order to stimulate your muscles.
  • It is invariably simpler work out smarter instead of harder.
  • You may be unintentionally engaging your lower back when you use other kinds of total body exercises without even knowing it.
  • Make sure you don’t exercise exactly the same muscle groups two days consecutively. For instance, imagine, if today, a person trained the pecs using two or three sets of the kettlebell decline Bench Press, as well as several sets of the Cable Lower Chest Raise. Then the next day you trained your triceps, using something like the Reverse One Arm Kettlebell Triceps Extension. You would have in actual fact worked your triceps a second time in 24 hours.
  • Getting rock hard functional muscles isn’t only down to using kettlebell and other free weight movements. Eating habits, good posture and a hypertrophy based bodybuilder type program, are all significant.

MMA Conditioning With KettlebellsMMA Power Training With Kettlebells

Because Kettlebells are one piece solid objects, they are great for training power moves where throwing the weight is necessary. You probably won’t be able to do this in most gyms, so training outdoors is the best option. Here are some moves that will greatly increase your overall power, speed and force development:

  • Kettlebell swing and throw over back. This is where you follow through and up to the rear tossing the kettlebell behind you. Make sure it doesn’t land on your head (or anyone else).
  • Power clean, push press and shot. With this you can clean the weight off the floor, and depending on how heavy a weight you use, bring it to the press position and then power it forward and up at about a 45 degree angle. Try and throw as far as possible in front of you.
  • Kettlebell swing, catch and slam. One for the more advanced. Swing the kettlebell up (go higher the more experienced you become) catch, with either two hands or one, and then slam it down in front of you, with arms extended.

    Kettlebell Conditioning Workouts

    With just one kettlebell you can put together a fantastic array of back to back movements to produce a challenging strength and conditioning workout. Take the three exercise example above and work them one after the other. Reps will depend on the weight chosen, but anywhere from 4 to 15 reps will be appropriate. The lower reps the more strength based the workout will be. The higher the reps, the more muscle endurance is going to be targeted.

    Alternatively you could slot one or two kettlebell moves inside a larger circuit of mixed free weight, body weight or even machine exercises. For an outstanding outdoors workout, especially if you have access to a beach, is to bring a sandbag along too. Mix up the workload and be as creative as possible to get the most out of these type of MMA conditioning workouts.

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