MMA Fight Skills – Half Guard Top Position

A half guard (or half mount) is when two rivals are on the floor yet only one of the fighter’s legs is in between their opponent’s legs. The competitor that is not on their back is referred to as being in the top position and has several choices, though their primary goal is to attain the mount or side control position.

Half Guard Position

While in the half guard top position you should keep charge of the adversary, for instance making use of the under hook around the rear of their head. Continuing to keep the opponent pinned flat to the floor is also valuable since it stops them from performing a sweep.

By transferring from the half guard to the mount, the fighter puts themselves in a much more useful placement for attacks. Throughout the changeover the fighter controls their opponent’s head and one of their arms because this minimises their capability to strike. The mma fighter also has to have their head low as well as their hips high to avoid their opponent’s leg hold. As soon as their foot is free, they might opt for the mount position. Technique tips:

  • The mma fighter in the opponent’s half guard is controlling the opponent’s head and one of their arms.
  • The fighter lifts their hips by pressing off the leg which is between the opponent’s. Their other foot is positioned on their opponent’s knee.
  • The fighter continues to raise their hips and begins pressing their shoulder into their opponent’s face
  • The fighter pushes their opponent’s knee to the floor using their foot.
  • The fighter’s legs pin one of the opponent’s legs to the floor and begin to wedge the other leg by putting one knee on the opponent’s thigh.
  • The fighter straddles the opponent’s hips and flattens their entire body onto their opponent’s.
  • The fighter secures the mount by wrapping their legs beneath their opponent’s and putting their heels together.
  • The mma fighter throws a punch in the mount position.

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