MMA Fighting from Half Guard Bottom Position

It is crucial for the mma fighter to swiftly escape this situation because they will probably be hit by their adversary and they themselves possess restricted strike possibilities. The martial artist wants to move around as much as feasible to put their challenger off balance and also to develop the possiblility to embrace new positions.

Half guard bottom to back

The mma fighter on the bottom seeks to leave this position by hooking their opponent’s hip and legs and, if the opponent is not going to attempt to counter through an over hook, rotating themselves into their opponent’s, compelling them to put a hand to the floor for stability. The mma fighter then swiftly twists his entire body and works round the opponent’s rear.

Lesnar has Mir in Half Guard

  • The opponent is within the fighter’s half guard.
  • The opponent straightens up to punch and the fighter takes the opportunity to turn into the challenger.
  • The fighter sets apart their legs and puts one foot on the sparring floor.
  • The arm on the fighter’s free side iswrapped round the opponent’s leg, that is in between their own.
  • The fighter’s other arm hooks beneath the opponent’s other leg.
  • The opponent is pushed off balance and for that reason puts a hand on the floor for stability.
  • The fighter turns both their body and that of the opponent, and places their leg above their opponent’s leg, while keeping a strong grip of the opponent’s hips.
  • The fighter hooks the opponent’s leg and draws back again.
  • The fighter frees their grip on their opponent’s inside leg, driving the opponent off base, turning and springing up on to their elbow.
  • The fighter pushes on to their knee on the same side whilst continuing to swivel on to their opponent’s back. The supporting leg is wrapped round the front of the opponent’s thigh as the other is launched over their back.
  • The fighter secures the back position with both legs wrapped round the inside of their opponent’s legs. The fighter is in a really powerful placement with a number of options available.

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