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by Catherine Page

shoulder painPeople around the world have often state that with age comes joint pains. This may seem true but is not a fact. Joint pains have been a great nuisance for some, especially to combat athletes and MMA fighters. It could even get to the point where joint pain is so acute that you have to change your fighting strategy. Many symptoms arise when a person experiences this condition. These include wear and tear, which may come from the overuse of a particular joint. Joint pain could also be the result of osteoarthritis, which is a major cause of the condition. Drugs and chiropractors are not cheap either. You could end up spending a fortune on both when the cures could be sitting on a shelf in your kitchen.

It is important to include in your diet the joint pain remedies. Eating bananas is a great joint pain remedy as it greases the joints for smoother feel and strengthens them as well. Carrot juice proves to be highly beneficial as it makes the ligaments tougher. Apple cider vinegar also helps relieving those aching joints.

Rheumatism, or inflammation of tendons, muscles, and ligaments surrounding the joint, results from overuse, and wear and tear due to aging. Osteoarthritis can be acquired from small injuries occurring over long periods. This may come from overuse such as persistent use of a single motion in one sport, particularly serving in tennis or swinging in golf. This results in the joint’s cartilage having small fractures, eventually leading in the joint’s deterioration.

For joint pain remedies, there is the presence of heat. Take a damp towel and place it in a dryer. Remove it when hot and while it’s still wet. Put the towel in the aching joint with a dry towel on top for keeping in the heat. This aids in relaxing the muscles around the hurting joint.

A teaspoon of turmeric also helps relieve not just joint pains, but other body pains as well. For strengthening the ligaments, carrot juice should be administered daily. Rubbing the aching joint with hot vinegar is also a good tonic. This is most effective when done before sleeping at night.

Several joint pain remedies are also available by including them in your diet. But remember to see your doctor when joint pains start to become unexplained or severe, last for a week or longer, be swollen, hot and painful, or have no relief with the use of ice packs, aspirin, or heat, as they go deeper in healing the joint pains than any easily available techniques done at home.

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