MMA Training Outside Of The Box – Outside Of The Gym

Sometimes all you need to do in life to make as good change in whenever you’re pursuing at the time is to think outside of the box. With regards to mixed martial arts training, this might mean a total re-evaluation of everything you do inside the gym. To take it a step further, it might even mean getting out of the gym altogether. Why do I say that? Look at what you do inside the cage or octagon. There’s a lot of rotational movement, up hardly any standing still, and very little laying down flat on your back pushing the weight above that your chest.

sledgehammer trainingLet’s take rotational movement first of all. If you want to improve your power in terms of delivering punches and kicks it is essential that you have a very strong core. One of the best ways of developing this power is with implements that you would never think of using inside of the gymnasium. The sledgehammer is a good example. It is an implement designed to be thrown and wielded with maximum force in an external environment with the aim of breaking things apart. If you are not familiar with its use, the sledgehammer will stress your whole body like never before. It will develop an iron grip. Your forearms and will be stressed to the maximum. Your arms and shoulders will have to coordinate tightly with that your abdominal muscles. Your hips and thighs and calf muscles will all be worked in the be a attempt to stabilise what is going on in your upper body. So as we look for a basic movements such as a sledgehammer strike, we can see that immediately it works our body in a very similar way to how it is challenged in a fight.

Another problem of training in the gym is that usually the gym owner does not appreciate throwing the weights about. However, during a fight, we may want to do exactly this with a our opponent. So again, we need to think outside of the box and outside of the gym. The best way to simulate throwing another human being around is via the use of a fairly heavy sandbag, or better still if you have access to one, a grappling dummy. You’ll be surprised how strongly can get after a few weeks of progressively increasing weight of the sandbag. This extra strength will enable you to perform things inside the fighting arena which he previously would not have attempted due to weaknesses in your posterior chain and arms.

So the next time you are laying on a bench, comfortably position, pushing some shiny dumbbells above your head, ask yourself what relevance it has to being pinned to the floor by an opponent. Maybe what you should do, is to get a heavy sandbag on top of you, and practice thrusting it off yourself with maximum force. If you could do this via an upper body push away, or through hip thrusting to one side or the other.

Keep in mind the these types of MMA specific training tips when designing your workout programme. If need be, or purchase the necessary equipment (did does not cost too much and you can even make your own) and get thinking outside of the box, and the outside of the gym.

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